July 29, 2009

Checking Out And Loving It

Last night was such a wonderful treat of a night. I know that this is going to make me sound super old and lazy but after work last night I went straight home, put on my awesome pink compression socks and laid on the floor for an hour. It was sheer heaven to lay there, snack on a pink lady apple and just rest. My body is having a tough time recovering this week and I needed a break. I wish that I was allowed to have a rest time every afternoon. Kids in kindergarten are so lucky to have a rest time each day. The sad thing is that kids totally do not even appreciate the rest time and that just sucks. I wish I could convince them that in 20 years they will be begging for a chance to take a nap! Anyway, after my rest time I pulled myself up off of the floor, made a quick batch of coconut cream muffins and started dinner. Dinner was definitely nothing fancy. In fact it was so unfancy that I didn't even bother to take a picture. H and I had baked potatoes and some brussel sprouts. It was simple and delicious but I will admit that it is sort of boring to blog about. I did snack on some hummus and crackers while waiting for dinner to finish cooking. We tried a new (to us) type of Sabra hummus with roasted pine nuts and it was delicious. I just love Sabra hummus. It is so creamy and delicious.

Mel and Billy stopped by after dinner to show us their awesome new car. I am so excited for them and can't wait to go for a ride. Yay for new cars! As we were standing outside chatting, a crazy thunderstorm moved in and broke up our little car party. The lightning was very close and I think it hit a tree right next to us. We saw a very bright flash and then heard the sound of splitting wood. It was super scary and we all got out of there really fast. Summer weather is just so crazy!

So far today has been pretty close to great. I had a decent workout this morning and I am feeling good about life in general! I did an easy five miles this morning and a pretty hardcore core workout. I also went to my regular Wednesday morning yoga class which was awesome. We did quite a few poses that focused on the lower back and it was just what I needed. My legs are still feeling pretty tight but they feel much better than yesterday. I am supposed to ride my bike this evening but as of right now the weather channel is calling for sever thunderstorms. Hopefully the storms will hold off until after my ride but if they don't then I may end up laying on the floor in my compression socks again! It's a tough job but somebody has to do it!

As many of you know, I have been participating in my own Great Greens Experiment for the past couple of months. I have been drinking the Greens Plus Wild Berry Burst on an almost daily basis for the last few weeks and I am finally at the end of my bottle. I came into this experiment with an open mind for the most part but I have to admit that I really have never enjoyed the taste of any greens product and was skeptical about whether or not I could make it through an entire bottle. I did manage to make it through the bottle but I still do not enjoy the taste. I feel like the Greens Plus powder definitely gave me additional energy and I felt healthy drinking it but I didn't notice any mind blowing changes.

I never was able to get used to the taste of the greens but I found that if I mixed the greens powder with apple juice it was much better. I still had to pound it back like a shot but at least I didn't gag while drinking it. Now, I have to tell you that both Mel and H enjoy the taste of the Greens Plus products and drink it straight with no problems but I am just not as brave as them. Either that or they do not have working taste buds!! In all honesty, I would probably not continue drinking the Greens Plus powder because I do not enjoy drinking it. It definitely has health benefits and is an awesome product nutritionally but I do not like to force myslef to eat or drink anything. I think that you should enjoy your food and not have to gag things down just because it is good for you.

I do have to tell you though that I am absolutely addicted to all of the Greens Plus bars. I will happily get my greens from any one of their bars because they are amazing. The protein bars are my absolute favorite bar ever and I spend quite a bit of our food budget on them each week.

So, to sum up the results of the Great Greens Experiment, the products are awesome and have a wonderful nutritional profile. If you can handle the taste of the greens powder then I definitely recommend it. However, if drinking the greens grosses you out then go for the bars because they are absolutely amazing!

Alright, well I am off to work for now. Have a great day guys and make sure you find time to laugh today. Laughter and smiles make every day brighter!

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