July 16, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

I feel like I have been so whiny lately but seriously, this week is kicking my butt. I just cannot get caught up on everything I need to get done. I wish I had the money to hire a personal assistant. Is there anyone out there willing to work for muffins? If so then I could totally hook you up!

I had a wonderful bike ride last night out at West Creek. It was hot out there but I was able to get in a quick 15 miles and loosen my legs up a bit. I always feel so tense and tired after sitting at my desk all day. I love to do some easy cardio and remind my legs that they are meant to move around. After the bike ride, I rushed home to get a bunch of chores and errands done. By the time I finished everything it was after 8:00 and I knew that dinner was going to have to be a quick and easy affair. H made himself a bowl of cereal and I toasted an english muffin and topped it with almond butter and cinnamon. Both of us were very happy with our dinner selections but honestly, talk about your lazy dinners! It filled up our bellies though and I guess that is what matters.

I didn't sleep very well last night and when my alarm went off this morning I was almost relieved to be able to stop trying to force myself to sleep. I had a very hard tempo run this morning and I was able to finish it but it was not pretty. I definitely felt the affects of not getting a full night of sleep. Tempo runs and I have a love/hate relationship because I know for a fact that they have made me a better and faster runner but man oh man, some days they just feel like torture. I managed to finish just under 10 miles in 70 minutes and then happily crawled off of the treadmill. I did a quick weight workout and then finished up with some stretching. I am so happy that this workout is finished. On my way out of the gym this morning a guy stopped me and told me that I was too skinny to be at the gym. What in the world!? I wasn't aware that there was a weight requirement!! There are crazy people out there...CRAZY!

My food for today is sort of random and weird because we are running dangerously low on groceries. I have a huge grocery list waiting for me to tackle it tonight after work. I have some carrots, a banana, a peach, a bag of trail mix and an unpictured salad. I may have to break into my emergency snack stash at work!

Sheesh, where has the morning gone. I have got to get to work! Au revoir!


  1. "told me that I was too skinny to be at the gym."

    This may be one of the most inappropriate comments I have ever heard. I have heard of people doing this. I have a friend who has anorexia and she once got a note handed to her in the grocery store that said "You are too skinny, if you need help, please call me." and they listed their number. I found this so offensive. My friend knew she had a problem...why does a stranger think they should get involved.

    Just the whole comment by strangers on weight pisses me off. They don't know what is going on with you....or that you may be a great athlete and workout so much that no wonder you are incredibly fit...that is what happens.

    And do people go up to overweight people and tell them that they are too heavy to be at the gym?!@$!

    Okay, you obviously hit a nerve with me. Anyway, I agree with you.. inappropriate.

    Hope your day improves and you are able to get some much needed sleep tonight!

    Happiness Awaits

  2. Totally struck a nerve with me as well because honestly, although I am definitely not overweight, I am not super skinny. I have quite a bit of muscle and I don't look sickly skinny. There was no basis for what he was saying. I do however have a history of eating issues and I do not need some random guy at the gym stirring all of that crap up all over again. Thanks for getting pissed off with me. It totally makes me feel justified in my anger! : )

  3. You know me I am always willing to work for muffins/pies! :)

  4. I will keep that in mind Crystal in case things get really crazy! : )