July 2, 2009

It's Almost Time!!!

So, is anyone else super excited about the Tour starting up this weekend? I can hardly wait!! Go Team Astana...and by that I mean Lance! Ha ha!


  1. I got SO excited to see this post. I have been counting down the days. I watched all of the Giro D'Italia and it just got me more and more ready for the tour. My Tivo has already been set to Versus for the month of July.

    I got to admit, I'm pulling for Garmin Slipstream and my little hottie on a bike, Christian Vande Velde. Lance broke my heart when he retired and I had to move on.

    Happiness Awaits

  2. lance is beast :)
    he pretty much has the race in his back pocket.

  3. Fitzalan: I have to admit that Christian is a little hottie but honestly, most of the guys out there are! : ) Lance broke my heart when he retired as well but I just can't help but love the guy. I am team Lance all the way and I wish Alberto Contador would get out of the way and let him be the team leader. I also have to mention that Levi is just awesome and I wouldn't be too disappointed to see him win either. I just love love love the Tour!