July 13, 2009

Sportique & Wild Bars

I was able to try out a couple of new products over the weekend and both of them exceeded my expectations. Here is the skinny!

Sportique Body Deodorant

A few weeks ago the amazing people over at Sportique sent me a HUGE box of products to try out. I have slowly been working my way through them so be prepared for a few more Sportique reviews in the near future. Here is a little bit of information on Sportique from their website:

SPORTIQUE products are created for and by physically active people. Formulated especially for the demands of any sport, your sport, our products are as pure as competition itself. Bodies in motion want to stay in motion and SPORTIQUE echoes that demand.SPORTIQUE aims to be as unique as you are in your own sport, however you define it.Whether it be running, skiing, surfing, hiking, martial arts, bodybuilding or picking the kids up from hockey practice, or if you are mechanic, farmer, or contractor, SPORTIQUE products are as versatile as you are. Your body can only function at its full potential when all of its basic needs are met. A healthy diet, plenty of exercise and the purest of skincare products will take care of the basics, the rest is now up to you.Our mission at SPORTIQUE is simple; to provide you with only the purest as possible products formulated with natural ingredients, free of petroleum or synthetic ingredients, which can be potential carcinogens or toxic to your body. We use botanicals and naturally moisturizing oils and nut butters, ingredients we would feel safe using on our babies or even eating. We don’t use any products from an animal source, in fact, we leave animals out of the process altogether as we refuse to test on them. Of course, our products are rigorously evaluated and have been awarded certificates of compliance with the strict European Union's hypoallergenic, microbiological and effectiveness laws and regulations. The remedies we rely on have been used for hundreds of years by our ancestors who turned to nature to ease, soften and soothe their skin.We continue to re-discover and implement the benefits of time forgotten, but proven formulations, incorporating herbs, botanicals, essential oils and minerals. SPORTIQUE does not pretend to impose any new miraculous cures or pretentious philosophy. We simply have a desire for a good, harmless and healthy lifestyle.

As you can see they have a pretty awesome thing going there! This week I tried the Cypress and Citron Body Deodorant. It was a little bit weird to get used to the spray type of deodorant because I am normally a good old fashioned Secret type of girl but after the first couple of uses it was fine. I absolutely loved that this deodorant doesn't leave any sort of residue on your clothing or under your arms. There were no nasty white marks on my shirt which was awesome! This deodorant also seemed to work wonders for me. I was able to work out and carry on with all of my normal every day activities and H and I both agree that I smelled perfectly fresh and clean! Well, at least as fresh and clean as you usually smell after a long run on a hot summer day! This stuff is really great and you should totally go check this company out at sportique.net!

Wild Bars

Last week I received a package of bars and blue green algae from the cool people over at Ancient Sun Nutrition. Wild Bars are a 100% raw,organic, kosher, non-GMO, whole food "meal in a bar" that combines raw cacao with a proprietary 1,500mg blend of Ancient Sun's fresh-dried wild blue-green algae and wild blue-green algae extract, as well as with selected superfoods, herbs and spices. The touted benefits include: increased mental and physical energy, heightened clarity and attention, elevated mood and sense of well-being, strengthened immune function, and enhanced joint flexibility. I have seen the Wild Bars at my local health food store and wanted to try them for quite some time but these bars are a little bit out of my price range. Wild Bars are $8 a piece at my local health food store and I just cannot justify paying that for an energy bar. Needless to say I was super excited to have a couple to try. H and I tried the Mountain Mint bar and we both absolutely loved it. The bar reminds me of a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie and it was delicious! I could have easily eaten another bar by myself. I would love to say that I will buy more of these bars but the price is just way too high for me. I may treat myself to one occasionally but they will not be a regular part of my diet. I definitely think everyone should treat themselves to one of these bars at least once though. They are delicious and super good for you. I am looking forward to trying the other flavor that I was sent but I am hoarding it until I feel like I have earned a treat! You can find out more about the Wild Bars and many other great products at ancientsunnutrition.com.


  1. $8 for one bar! That is insanity! Glad it was tasty though :)

  2. I would have to agree with you on that Jennifer. It seems insane to me! The bar is really good though. I wish it wasn't so expensive.

  3. The fact that the company charges $8 for a freakin' bar makes me not want to buy ANYTHING from them. It's high prices like that that make people choose cheap food like McDonald's when they're in a pinch. Not to mention that I could get almost half a tank of gas for $8 in my car.

  4. Just to clarify things, Wild bars cost $8 at my local health food store. They may be available at other stores at a lower price. You can order a Wild Bar online for $4.95. (That does not include shipping charges which start at about $6.)I know that there is a lot of good stuff in these bars and they do taste amazing but that is still a bit rich for my blood. Actually, I would probably have to sell my blood and plasma to afford eating these bars. : )
    Just for the record, it is my belief that no matter how cheap McDonald's is, there is never a good reason to resort to eating that crappy stuff they call food. Just my opinion!

  5. I don't eat McDonalds or fast food either. It's just the most common reason for not choosing healthy food over fast food I hear from people is that it costs too much. I mean, if you aren't all that knowledgable about nutrition and want to grab a quick snack, you're probably going to grab a Snickers bar that's $1 not a nutrition bar (that probably even tastes better) that's $4.95 or $8. I strongly believe that for our country to start making strides in fighting obesity, there needs to be better legislation on food costs and nutrition education.
    I apologize for the rant, this is just one topic I feel very passionately about.

  6. You are more than welcome to rant any time you want! I agree with you completely but I also think that sometimes people use cost as an excuse to eat unhealthy foods. You can buy an apple for the same price as a Snickers bar but most people choose the Snickers. We have to take some personal resposibility for our choices and not just blame the food industry.