July 14, 2009

Where Did Today Go?

I cannot believe how fast today has flown by? It is already 4:00 and I am just getting around to posting. Honestly, I do not understand how some of you wonderful bloggers are able to post three or four times a day. It just blows my mind. Anyway, I guess we will highlight a few quick things and then hopefully I can return to regular blogging tomorrow. Sorry for being such a slogger. (slacker blogger)

Dinner on Monday night was super easy but very delicious. I didn't get home until pretty late because I went straight to the pool after work and did a long swim. By the time I showered, ran an errand and drove home, I was absolutely starving. I made some quick veggie burgers, toasted a couple of english muffins and made a huge batch of kale chips. It was a perfect dinner and totally hit the spot.

My Mom gave me some mung beans over the weekend and they have been sprouting on my counter. They are starting to look awesome and I can't wait to throw them in a stir fry. Sprouting is so easy that even someone like me, who regularly kills house plants, can get great results. Don't they look so pretty!?

My workouts have been super tough so far this week and I am already looking forward to an easy day tomorrow. Monday morning I did an easy 30 minute jog and then went to a tough spin class. I also did about an hour of weights and core stuff. On Monday evening I did a 2000 meter swim with a few sprints and a ton of stretching. Tuesday morning I had a mean session of speed work. I did 8 x 1000 meters with a 600 meter recovery and 6 x 400 meters with a 400 meter recovery. I also did a warm up and a cool down and finished with just under 14 miles for the day. I also did a few sets of push ups, some core work and more stretching. I just love stretching! Tomorrow is a recovery day so the plan is to do an easy 60 minute jog, Yoga Class with Jay and then I am meeting some friends in the evening for a quick 60 - 90 minute bike ride. I am so looking forward to giving my body a chance to recover tomorrow.

Make sure you check out Fitzalan's post over at Happiness Awaits about the Tour De France. Her post is like reading The Tour De France for Dummies and she also has quite a few pictures of some major eye candy. I am not going to tell you who it is but his name sort of sounds like Smance Smarmstrong. Sigh...with eyelids fluttering!
Be back to chat soon!


  1. If it helps....I have come to the decision if none of my boys from Garmin Slipstream win the TDF, then I want Lance.

    Also, I have completely accepted that Lance will win. I don't think that boy knows how to lose! He may have to kill Cancellara to get it. Could make for some interesting TV--teammate sabotages teammate. Semi amazed about watching Astana internally collapse.

    Okay, I need to just leave work instead of writing any more. :) And thanks for the shoutout!

    Happiness Awaits

  2. Welcome to Team Lance Fitzalan! ; )
    Astana is a mess. I was watching Lance talk about Contador last night and you could just see the frustration in his face. This Tour is going to be interesting. What did you think about the radio ban?