August 14, 2009

Feeling Blah and Ready For The Weekend!

I am just super tired this morning and don't feel like going to work. I am really looking forward to the weekend. We have all sorts of fun stuff planned and I can hardly wait. Plus, I get to hang out with H for two full days! yay! Is it weird that I miss him during the work week? I really do. He is just so cool and I always have more fun when he is around. I guess it is a good thing I married him because now he is forced to hang out with me forever...or at least until "death do us part! "

I started my Friday off right with a quick boot camp style workout. It was awesome and I think my legs are going to be super sore. I really should have reigned the squats in a little bit because my legs are not going to want to do a long run this weekend. Oh well for them though! My legs can just suck it up and stop whining like little whiny babies. I am not going to let a little bit of pain get in the way of a great run!

After my workout, I took a VERY fast shower, threw on my clothes and rushed to Coffee Club. Coffee Club is honestly what makes Friday such an awesome day! I just love hanging out, sipping coffee and gossipping the morning away. Today at Coffee Club, Mel and I were joined by our other sister, Amy.

I was super happy to have her there. Amy is super busy and running around like a crazy woman, so it is awesome when all three of us can actually get together for a few minutes. I brought us some Super Charge Me Cookies and a huge fruit salad to enjoy with our coffee.

Honestly, it was one of the highlights of my week to spend some time with those girls. They are just beautiful, accomplished, driven, fun and amazing. I am so lucky to be related to them. I sort of feel like the dork who gets invited to hang out with the cool kids when we all hang out together. Yep, I would say that pretty accurately sums it all up. Anyway, it was a wonderful morning and I only wish that work didn't get in the way of my fun.

I wish that I had something motivating and inspirational to say now but I just don't. Maybe I should have had another cup of coffee! I love to read Kristen Armstrong's blog over on Runner's World because she always has something awesome to say. I literally end up in tears at the end of most of her posts. She is one of those women that makes me want to be better. I will have to try to dig deep and see what I can come up with. I am going to make you people cry!! Ha ha!
Have a wonderful weekend guys!


  1. I'm glad you had a good time with your girls :) That fruit salad loooks delish!

    Ugh, and I despise tired legs too-and especially when there's a looong run coming up. Are you training for the Richmond Marathon too? Good luckkk!

  2. Hi! Do you mind sharing the recip for Super Charge Me cookies? Thanks, Amy

  3. Kat: I am training for Richmond. This will be my fifth time running the Richmond marathon. I love this race! Honestly, Richmond is one of the absolute best marathons ever. Good luck with your training!

    Amy: The Super Charge Me Cookies are from the cookbook Eat, Drink and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton. I have heard a rumor that the recipe is posted online so you may want to google it. Honestly though, these cookies are the best cookies ever and it is completely worth it to buy the cookbook for this recipe alone!