August 17, 2009

Monday Schmonday!

Well, here we are back at Monday and facing another week of work. I don't really have a great weekend recap for you because to be blatantly honest, my weekend was not too great. For some reason I just couldn't get anything right this weekend and it felt like the entire universe was out to get me. I know that seems a little bit melodramatic but that is how I felt. I don't have very many pictures from the weekend so you need to get ready to use your imagination and picture all of the following activities. Here we go...crappy weekend recap:

I was up WAY too early on Saturday morning so that I would have time to get my workout in before all of our Saturday plans. I did a fast 40 mile bike ride and then ran three miles at tempo pace.

It was a great morning to be outside enjoying the day and I loved every moment of this workout. After I finished my workout, I took a quick shower, grabbed a Greens Plus Protein Bar (YUMMY!) and hurried off to the Science Museum for my nephew's birthday party. My nephew had a great party at the Science Museum and H and I had fun wandering around trying out all of the experiments.

They had a great shark exhibit that was just awesome and they even let you pet the sharks.

It was great! After the party, I came home for some lunch and a nap. I had a plate full of leftovers and then I fell asleep for about two hours. It was SO wonderful to take a nap and relax for a while. When I finally pulled myself out of bed, I worked on making some picnic food for a family picnic. I made a huge bowl of tabouli, some garlic hummus, pita chips and a huge pitcher of iced tea. Once I had all of the picnic stuff packed up, I did a few chores around the house and then went to meet my family at the park. I really wish that I had remembered to take pictures of the picnic because we had a great time. We grilled all sorts of great food, played on the playground, went fishing and just hung out together. We were at the park until the sun went down and it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening. I love spending time with my family! After the picnic, I went home, showered and spent some time relaxing with my book. I may or may not have finished off the rest of the cookies as well!

I was up bright and early on Sunday morning for my long run. I had a quick bowl of cereal and some coffee and then we were off.

H and I ran about eight miles together and then he went back to the house while I finished up the rest of my miles. It was super hot outside but I had an ice cold bottle filled with Nuun and it helped me to stay hydrated and full of energy. Towards the end of my run, I ran into my sister and my two beautiful nieces. They were out for a walk with the jogging stroller and decided to finish the last couple of miles with me. It was wonderful to have them to chat with because at that point of the run I was starting to get tired. My adorable niece was singing The Farmer In The Dell at the top of her lungs while we were running and it was better than any Ipod mix I have ever had! After my run, I hurried home to shower and then stuffed my face with tons and tons of watermelon. It was absolutely delicious! After filling my belly, H and I went to Carytown to walk around for a bit and window shop. Well, okay, that isn't entirely true. We actually went to Carytown to use a BOGO coupon that we had for Smoothie King. I had an awesome mangosteen smoothie and spent some time wandering around Cary Street. We spent the rest of the afternoon running errands, reading magazines at Barnes and Noble, watching bad reality tv and just relaxing. I was supposed to go swimming but I completely blew it off for reasons that I don't want to talk about on the blog. (Doesn't that make me sound so mysterious!? Trust me, it really isn't a big deal but I think that I may have turned it into one with this quasi explanation!) That was pretty much my Sunday in a nutshell.

There isn't a whole lot to talk about yet for today because well, the day is just beginning. I did have a pretty great workout this morning. I did an easy two mile jog to warm up my legs and then did a great circuit workout and some hardcore abs. I also went to a spin class that was pretty cool but the music was way too slow. I am not sure how I am supposed to sprint to a super slow country song but whatever. Other than that, today just looks like work, work, work! I am supposed to swim after work today but I may swap the swim out for a bike ride due to more mysterious circumstances. (This blog is really turning into a big mystery isn't it!?) Anyway, I am going to go for now because I am sure you are all super bored by now. I really hope that this mean case of the Monday's will be gone soon because my faithful blog readers deserve more than this pathetic post. Sheesh! What has gotten into me? I will be back later with a new attitude. Later guys!


  1. Wow- it sounds like you had a lot of good in your weekend too...I hope you have a much better week!

  2. Kelly: You are totally right. I was just feeling whiny when I was blogging. Once I started writing about the weekend I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Oops! : )