August 19, 2009

More Is Not Always Better!

So, I have had an interesting couple of days and I have decided that my choice to avoid medications is the correct one for me. For quite some time now I have refused to take any type of medication because it just makes me feel ill. The one exception I have made is to use Benadryl spray every once in awhile because I have a huge problem with poison ivy. For some reason, poison ivy just loves me. I have already had it four times this summer and it makes me miserable.

I absolutely hate poison ivy! It is awful! Anyway, I have been using Benadryl spray to treat the poison ivy and it seems to work well for me. Last Friday I felt that old familiar itch on my leg and found a small patch of poison ivy on my leg. I was so happy to catch it early and started spraying my leg with Benadryl. All through the weekend I was attached to that Benadryl spray and I seemed to be keeping the poison ivy under control. On Monday evening though everything changed. After my swim on Monday night I broke out in a crazy rash, started running a fever, my heart was racing, my nose was running and my throat felt raw. I was scared to death and wondering what was wrong with me. I googled the side effects of Benadryl and discovered that I had almost every listed side effect. I also discovered that I had been using WAY too much Benadryl. Apparently you are only supposed to use the spray 3 to 4 times a day. Brilliant me didn't read the instructions prior to using the medication and I was spraying it on my legs at least 10 to 12 times a day. Needless to say, my poor little body just couldn't handle that amount of Benadryl. To make a long story short, I was still pretty sick last night and stopped using the Benadryl completely. I am starting to feel better this morning but honestly, I just feel stupid. I am usually so good about paying attention to what I put in my body but I wrongly decided that spraying something on my body wouldn't affect me in any way. I totally should have read the dosage instructions and I also should have looked into a few natural remedies. I am crossing my fingers that I won't have any more poison ivy and I won't be faced with this issue again but when the inevitable happens and I do find myself with another case of poison ivy, I definitely plan on being smarter about it. Hopefully all of you guys can learn from my stupidity as well!

In the midst of my Benadryl haze I did manage to make a pretty good dinner. H and I dined on salmon burgers and steamed brussel sprouts. It was an absolutely delicious meal and definitely hit the spot.

After dinner, I literally laid on the floor in my living room and begged God to make my head feel better. H and I went to bed pretty early and it was wonderful!
I had a decent workout this morning. I did an easy five mile jog and then went to a great yoga class. It was a nice way to wake my body up and get it ready for the day. I have a core workout and bike ride to do this evening which should be fun. I know it is going to be super hot out there this afternoon but it should still be fun.
Alright, off to work I go. Enjoy your hump day guys!


  1. You almost OD'd on Benadryl! That would make for an interesting obituary. I'm glad you've survived! I've never had poison ivy so I have no idea what it feels like. It doesn't look pleasant that's for sure. I hope it goes away soon :)

  2. It would almost be as bad as the girl who died from Icy Hot. Seriously, that is not how I want to go out!
    I will cross my fingers that you never get to experience the horrors of poison ivy!

  3. I've never had poison ivy, I can only image the itch! have you tried all natural remedies like Burts Bees?

  4. Thanks for the recommendation Jennifer. I am definitely looking into some natural remedies for next time. I actually thought I was doing myself a favor by using Benadryl because my old method of treating poison ivy was to scrape the blisters open and pour bleach in them. Yeah, it hurts but it did the trick. I was trying to be nicer to my skin by using the Benadryl but apparently that wasn't the way to go.

  5. Hi
    Try teatree oil or this website for ideas:

    Hope this helps, I know it works here in FL