August 31, 2009

Not Really Feeling It!

So, I am not really in the mood to do a weekend recap because my weekend was just a lot of work. I am just going to hit the highlights very quickly and then move on. Cool?

Friday night and all day Saturday, H and I worked with my in-laws at the Chesterfield County Fair. We were out there for hours and hours and hours and I was up way past my bedtime. We did manage to find time for a 40 mile bike ride and quick tempo run on Saturday but other than that it was all work and no play. You can tell from the picture that we are both exhausted and in need of a nap but honestly, a little bit of hard work never hurt anyone, right!?

I didn't get home from the fair until after midnight on Saturday night which made waking up for my long run very hard. I was up as early as possible on Sunday morning (6:30) and after a quick breakfast, I went downtown to meet the Matheny's for a long run. I had 23 miles to run, the Matheny's had 20 and H had 13 so we did our best to coordinate routes that would guarantee we all had someone to run with and a route that would bring us back to the starting point when we each finished our portion of the run. It was a beautiful day for running and in spite of my extreme exhaustion, I had a great run. My legs felt great and I could have easily finished a few more miles. Mel definitely deserves a big shout out though because she dominated the run yesterday. She made 20 miles seem super easy and kept a nice steady pace the entire time. I know that she is going to have an awesome race in Philly this year. I am so proud of her! H did awesome on his run as well and Billy really pushed hard in spite of a knee injury. After the run, I came home, showered, ate some watermelon, put on my awesome compression socks and took a long nap.

My body really needed some sleep and I literally slept the day away. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. it feels like the weekend went by in a really fast blur of activities and recovery. I simply cannot believe that it is already time to go back to work. The countdown to next weekend has already begun and I am super excited to have an holiday weekend coming up. I know it is pathetic that I am already counting down to the weekend but in all fairness, I did work a lot this past weekend so it doesn't really count as a weekend, right? Are you buying this? H and I ate a lot of portable foods this weekend because we were not home very much. We finished off the last of our Perfect Foods bars and they were as delicious as ever.

I really love these bars and I am planning on ordering another box. I have to be honest though and tell you that I couldn't tell much of a difference in the various flavors. They all taste like really delicious peanut butter cookie dough. I guess the good thing about that though, is that you can't go wrong with picking a flavor to order. All of the flavors are great! H and I also used our favorite Carb Boom products again this weekend for our long and also for our brick workout.
The Carb Boom products just do the trick and taste great too...well, they taste as good as a gel can taste anyway!

Monday has started off okay. I had a nice easy workout this morning at the gym. I did a nice easy 2 miles on the treadmill and a pretty tough strength training/core workout. I also went to my regular Monday morning spin class which was really good. We did a ton of sprints and quite a bit of climbing but it was just what I needed to wake my body up on a gloomy Monday morning. I am planning on swimming this evening and then I have to rest up for my last really tough speed workout before I start tapering for Patriot's Half Ironman. I am definitely ready for a taper.

I don't know how this post got this long! I guess I had more to say than I thought. So, who wants to tell me about their weekend? I love to hear all about your exciting adventures! Later guys!


  1. You are a freaking beast :)

  2. Matt: When I hit my first 100 mile week, then I will feel like a beast. Until then, I am just running to try and catch up with you! : )