August 25, 2009

Pushing Forward

Good morning guys! First things first, H and I were both touched by all of the concern and compassion regarding his bike crash. It is so much easier to pick yourself up and keep going when you know that you have people cheering you on. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Last night was a pretty typical evening at the Lane house. After work, I went to the gym and did a quick 2000 meter swim. I had a pretty decent swim despite the fact that the pool was absolutely freezing and then being felt up by the man in the lane next to me. Seriously, some people are just rude and disgusting and need to learn to keep their hands to themselves. Anyway, I had a good strong swim and then rushed home to get some dinner on the table.

H and I had veggie burgers and steamed broccoli. It was a super easy dinner and definitely hit the spot. After dinner, my fabulous husband helped me change all of the songs on my Ipod. I have one of the old school Ipod shuffles that I use for running. It holds about four hours of music on it and is small enough to not get in the way when I am running. I love my Ipod but I absolutely hate changing the music on it. Anyway, H totally hooked me up with some new music and I couldn't be happier.

I was up and out the door this morning at 3:00 am so that I could get my speed work out of the way. I did a longish speed work session of 12 x 800 meters and 12 x 400 meters. I felt pretty strong the entire time and was pleased with my pace. When all was said and done, with my warm up and cool down and all of the recovery jogs, I had 17 miles done before the sun had come up. I brought a couple of gels and some Nuun with me to the gym but I only used the apple cinnamon Carb Boom gel and LOTS of water.

I really like the apple cinnamon Carb Boom. It seriously tastes like the filling in a McDonald's apple pie and gave me lots of energy. I never even felt the tiniest bit dehydrated or light headed which is always a good thing! I finished my workout with a little bit of stretching and called it a day. I am actually planning on doing a core workout and some strength training later. I may also do a yoga video if I have time but that may be replaced with a nap...just keeping it real guys!

I took a picture of my lunch today just for you guys! Look at me all organized and remembering to take pictures. Don't get used to it because I am sure it won't last. I brought a Dr. McDougall's soup cup and an orange for lunch today.
I have some veggies in the fridge at work to add to my soup cup. I love to bulk up soup with extra veggies. It tastes so much better and it is a great way to add some veggies into your day. I also tried another flavor of the Perfect Food bars that I was sent last week.

This time I tried the Fruit and Nut flavor and it was absolutely amazing.
I have to be honest and tell you that I really didn't notice a huge difference in the taste of this bar and the other one that I had. Both bars taste just like peanut butter cookie dough and are awesome. I love the sweetness and the texture and well, pretty much everything about these bars. They are absolutely delicious and deceptively nutritious. They pack a lot of protein, healthy fats and other nutrients into this bar and I love it! Healthy food can be really delicious and these bars are proof of that. I still have a couple of flavors to sample but I have a feeling that my review will be pretty similar to this one.
Do you guys have a favorite protein bar? My top three are 1.) Greens Plus bars, 2.) Perfect Foods bars and 3.) Jay Robb bars. All three of these bars taste way too good and have great nutrition profiles. Any other recommendations? I am always up for trying something new.

Alright, I guess I better get some work done today. Have a wonderful and smile filled day guys!


  1. OK I have to ask, with a 3am wake up call what time do you get to bed!? Also, not sure if I missed it but what races are you training for?

  2. Jennifer: I usually get to bed around 10:00 and wake up between 3:00 - 3:30 depending on how long my workout is going to be. I definitely do not get enough sleep and depend heavily on coffee.

    My 2009 race schedule is on my sidebar. Right now my training is focused on the Patriot's Half Ironman but I am also training hard for the Richmond marathon. I have a busy race schedule in the fall and I am really looking forward to it.

  3. Nice workout! You are a beast for getting up at 3 AM!

  4. wow. that's all i got :) i recently tried the superfood bars, which i really liked... i imagine they're alot like the greens plus. never tried the perfect foods or jay robb ones. i had been going with a luna bar and banana pre-race (since i tried it once and it worked), but i think i might switch it up to a pure bar, they seem to give me more energy and digest easy enough (i have a tricky tummy)

  5. Matt: I take it as a great compliment to be called a beast by the likes of you! : )

    Shannon: Are you talking about the Odwalla Superfoods bar? I love those! Honestly, they are not really anything like a Greens Plus bar but they are so delicious. I may need to eat one soon because you just made me crave one! : )
    I think you and I have a very similar pre-race breakfast. I am all about a luna bar and a banana. I used to be able to eat anything before a race and feel great but sadly, the older I get the more finicky my stomach becomes. Getting older sort of sucks!

  6. ooh, actually the GreensSuperfoods Bars (by Amazing Grass). i hear you on the age-stomach thing, totally goin on here :/

  7. Shannon: I haven't tried the Greens Superfoods Bars by AMazing grass. I know a lot of people rave about them but I try not to eat things that look like grass. : )