September 1, 2009

17 Again!

Nope, I am not talking about the movie. I am talking about the 17 miles of speed work that I ran for the second week in a row. Whew! My legs are so happy to have that over with. This morning I was up bright and early as usual to finish my last really tough workout before Patriot's Half IM. I still have a longish run coming up this weekend and a fun hill workout on Thursday but all of that will feel like child's play in comparison to my workout this morning. My legs were feeling the miles much more this week and I know it is due to the 23 miles I ran on Sunday. My legs are not sore or hurting but I just feel really tired and lethargic. I am looking forward to this taper! Anyway, my speed work this morning was the typical mile warm up and then I did 12 x 1000 meters and 6 x 400 meters. In between the 1000 meter intervals I did a 600 meter recovery jog and I did a 400 meter recovery jog after each of the 400's. I finished with a mile cool down and called it a day. I was so happy to be finished with this workout and jumped off of the treadmill with a huge smile on my face. I did a tiny bit of stretching but then I ran out of time and had to get ready for work. I still need to do core work and push ups at some point today and I am hoping to fit in a little bit of stretching as well. I guess we will see how the day goes.

Last night was a busy little night. After work I rushed to the pool to get in a swim. I really didn't feel like swimming but I forced myself to go knock out a quick 2000 meters. The pool was freezing as usual and I had a few minor issues with dehydration and electrolyte balance. I was very dizzy and disoriented for part of the swim but I managed to finish the workout. I had a bunch of watermelon as soon as I walked in the door and that seemed to help a lot. I have put my body through a lot over the past week or so and I think it is all starting to catch up to me. I am definitely ready to give it the rest it deserves.

After the swim, I made a batch of dark chocolate walnut muffins for one of H's clients and then I started on dinner. H and I had the most wonderful pizza for dinner.

Our pizza was topped with fresh from the garden tomatoes, spinach, peppers and mozzarella cheese. It was SO delicious!

We had a ton of spinach on the side and then sat back on the couch with full bellies and big smiles.

My sweet sister, Amy, stopped by for a few minutes with a surprise for me. I have been unable to find my favorite kind of yogurt recently and have had a serious craving. I love the Cascade Fresh Strawberry Yogurt but lately all of my favorite grocery stores have been out. Well, luckily I have an awesome sister who knows how to make me smile. Amy found two of the strawberry yogurts and brought them over to me which was just awesome. I know that this may not seem like a huge deal but honestly, I think that little gestures of kindness like this are what make life worth living. I felt so special and loved that she would not only remember my favorite flavor of yogurt but that she would make time in her VERY busy day to bring me a surprise. Seriously, I have been blessed with the two best sisters ever and I smile when I think of them. How did I get so lucky?

As usual, I am starting to ramble on and on. I really need to get to work. At least we are another day closer to the weekend! Yay! Have a great day guys!


  1. Awww...that was very sweet of your sister. Great job on all your workouts. I can't believe that race is already here. It's been following you along with your training and everything!

    What kind of dough did you use for that pizza? It looks yummers!

  2. Melissa: I used the Rustic Crust pizza crust. They are awesome and I totally recommend them. My favorite is the great grains variety but they are all good.

  3. Awww I love my sister too, I just wish we were closer geographically!

  4. Again, you are a beast for running 17 miles of speedwork. I get tired just thinking about that!

  5. it's so true how those small acts that make people smile are what it's all about!!

    have you ever talked about how you got into tri's, and made it up to the insane training you do? i want to step it up next year, so I'm trying to figure out how i'm going to get there ;)

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  7. Shannon: Thanks for the great post idea. I will definitely fill you in on how I got into tri's very soon.