September 25, 2009

Birthdays Make Everything Better!

Well, good morning to all of you! I have had a rough morning so far because of alarm clock issues, a rainy gloomy day and nothing going quite the way I planned. However, today is my wonderful sister's birthday and no amount of craziness can stop the celebrating!! Mel and I planned a small birthday celebration for Amy this morning at our regular Friday morning Coffee Club and we had a great time. We sipped on hot coffee and tea and ate pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon maple icing.

Cupcakes are the perfect way to kick off a Friday! We were not able to fit 27 candles on the cupcake but we had fun trying. Poor Amy! She is a good sport for putting up with our birthday antics.

Happy Birthday Amy! You are a beautiful, strong, driven and amazing woman! I am so blessed to have you as my sister. I love you sister friend!


  1. Yey for September birthday!
    Those cupcakes look awesome! I picked up my first can of pumpkin this week and may just need to make these!

  2. awe happy bday to your sis! cute cute photos!

  3. happy bday sis! those cupcakes sound like the perfect start to a friday :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your sis...and where is the recipe for that frosting!!! Sounds amazing!!

    Adventures in Tri-ing

  5. I think cupcaks are the perfect way to start ANY day :)

    Happy birthday Amy!

  6. Happy birthday to your sister :)
    And those pumpkin spice cupcakes look DIVINEEEEEE!

  7. Ahhh thanks Stacy I loved all my birthday surprises it was amazing. It was a great way to start the day. I love my sister friend too!