September 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

I am feeling rather uninspired today and I don't really have much to talk about. I haven't taken any pictures in the last 24 hours but I do have something fun to share with you. Who would like to see romantic pictures from Paris? You do? Alright! I was hoping you would say that!!

In 2004, H and I went to Paris with my some friends and had an awesome time. We were actually only in Paris for two days and then traveled to Sardinia for a week and then on to London for another ten days. It was an awesome trip with a lot of great memories but Paris holds a special place in my heart. Would you like to know why? Well, Paris is where my amazing husband asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.
That's right folks, Mr. Romantic himself (aka H) took me to the top of the Eiffel Tower, read me the most romantic poem ever and then got down on his knee and proposed in front of a ton of French people and even more tourists. (Now, I feel like I must state for the record that H proposed to me on the Eiffel Tower WAY before Tom Cruise thought to propose to Katie Holmes up there so we are not copy cats! If anything they copied us!)
H proposed to me in June of 2004 and we were married just three and a half months later. Yep, it happened very fast but I have never regretted the decision. H is meant for me and I love our life together.
We will be celebrating our five year anniversary in just a few more weeks and I am super excited. It would be awesome to travel back to Paris but I think we will have to save that for the next big milestone anniversary...ten years isn't that far away, right!?

Thanks for letting me take a quick stroll down memory lane. Have any of you guys been to Paris? Have any of you run the Paris Marathon? I hear they have a wine stop along the course which is something I would love to see. I have seen plenty of beer stops in marathons and even tequila shots at Ironman but never wine. Hmm, that was a little bit of a tangent. Alright, I am off to work. Have a fabulous day guys and don't forget:

"Be optimistic, don't you be a grumpy, when the road gets bumpy just and be happy. Don't wear a sad face, its never in style. be optimistic and SMILE!"

(That was for you Mel! Love you!)


  1. One of the best days of my life!

  2. Awww that gave me chill bumps! I have only spent 16 hrs in Paris (a day trip from The Netherlands) but I have been DYING to go back, I always mention this to my boyfriend in hopes he will catch the drift!

  3. Awww :)

    I would love to run the Paris Marathon. I need more $$$ for that though!

  4. love the trip down memory lane :) i've never been to paris...

  5. I've never been to Paris. I'm dying to go.
    What a romantic man you have there!