September 21, 2009

The Last Official Day Of Summer

I really cannot believe that tomorrow is the first official day of fall. I know that Labor Day sort of marks the unofficial end of summer but I have been holding on to the rest of summer with tightly clenched fists. I absolutely love summer and I am sad to have it end but there are quite a few things that I am looking forward to as we move into fall. I am excited about picking apples in the mountains, seeing the leaves change colors, going on the haunted hay ride, running in the cool crisp morning air, carving jack o lanterns with my family, the fall race season, Thanksgiving and pulling out all of my cold weather clothing. I will always be a summer loving girl but I have a great appreciation for the change in seasons. There are so many fun activities that mark each chapter of our lives and it is up to us to embrace them and make the most out of what each season has to offer. What are you guys looking forward to this fall? Do you have any family traditions that make this season special to you?

My weekend was pretty relaxing and restful overall. I managed to do a strong, fast 15.50 mile run yesterday and finished with a smile on my face. I kept a nice strong and steady pace for the first half of the run and then did 12 x 100 meter pickups at a local track. The last few miles, I worked on picking up the pace and ran a ton of hills. It was a tough run but the beautiful morning and rush of endorphins made it worth the extra effort. After me run, I stretched, showered, ate and then spent the rest of the day reading, napping and relaxing. It was a great Sunday!

I woke up this morning with a huge headache and honestly wanted to call in sick to work but I made myself get out of bed and at least try to get a workout in. Once I got up and started working out, I felt much better so I think that I was just dreading the start of another work week. Oh well, I can't make Monday disappear so I might as well embrace it. My workout was nice and easy this morning. I did an easy two mile jog and then moved on to strength training and core work for about an hour. At 6:00, I went to a great spin class with lots of climbing and sprints and then finished with a nice easy stretch. I am planning on taking it easy this week in preparation for my half marathon this weekend. I am not sure yet if I am going to race the half or just run it for fun but I am going to be prepared either way.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post but my camera was really being stupid yesterday. I have to get to work now so this post will have to do. Have a great day guys!


  1. Reading this post made me tired! I don't know where you get your energy from, but you're an inspiration.

    I look forward to haunted houses all year long. They're super cheesy, but I love them. I try to go to one or two per weekend in October. I'm a dork.

  2. Melissa: Trust me when I say, you are not a dork at all in regard to haunted houses. I am such a dork that I cried my eyes out in terror the first time that I went to a haunted house...I was 24 and I am not joking! I am the biggest scaredy cat ever and when they started chasing me with a chain saw, it was all over. I embarrassed H so much that he vowed to never take me back! True story! : )

  3. I think it is time for an adventure!Yes this is H & i think sunday should be an adventure.As long as the Maymont race goes w/ no injuries that is.I will get to the notepad but i will have a list of adv.Sad about summer very sad. I LOVE YOU.Great post

  4. My hubs and I just saw a sign for a haunted hay ride in our area on our way home yesterday. I squealed like a little kid and demanded to go as soon as we have a free night!
    Yay for fall!

    Glad to hear you felt better after working out...I usually do as well. I'm feeling super lazy right this second as a matter of fact, so I better get to the gym!

    Adventures in Tri-ing

  5. I am looking forward to running in cooler weather, my marathon, and some of my favorite fall foods!