September 29, 2009

My Head Is In The Clouds

I am feeling a bit under the weather this morning and I am not sure if it is some sort of virus or simply the result of pushing myself a bit too hard over the past couple of days. My sweet little Mel is very sick and so I suppose there is a possibility that she has passed some sort of virus on to me but I don't really feel like being sick right now so my plan is to just ignore the symptoms and hope it goes away. Because I wasn't feeling too great this morning, I knew that speed work was going to be super tough. I was determined to complete my speed work this morning though because it is the last really hard session of speed intervals before the marathon. I have some pretty hardcore tempo runs to finish in the next few weeks but after today, I can kiss hard speed work goodbye! Yay! Knowing that the workout was going to be tough, I made myself a couple of post it notes with encouraging and motivational quotes and stuck them on the treadmill. I use the post it note trick a lot because it really helps when I am gasping for air at the end of a hard 1200 meter sprint to look at the treadmill and see a note telling me that I can do this or to push a little harder. Anyway, I did my two mile warm up and then got down to business. I did 4 x 1600 meters with a 400 meter recovery jog between each set and then I did 4 x 1200 meters with the same recovery. I finished with a 2 mile cool down and then walked an additional 800 meters to help my hamstrings loosen up. I am not going to lie and say that I was pleased with this workout. My pace was much slower than what I was aiming for and I was exhausted after each set but I finished what I set out to do and I am happy that I didn't quit. After my run, I did a bunch of push ups and core work and then I laid on the floor and stretched my legs for a very long time. The stretch felt wonderful and my legs loved every minute of it. I am going to call it a day in regard to workouts and not try to fit anything else in today. I think I am just going to let my body rest this evening and try again tomorrow.

H and I had an awesome dinner last night to help us fuel for our workouts this morning. You guys have seen this dinner a million times by now but we never get tired of it. We had delicious naan pizza and brussel sprouts.
Yum, yum, yum! This is one of my favorite meals and pizza is such a great carb loading meal before a long run. Maybe I need to get a shirt that says "I Run For Pizza" wouldn't be too far from the truth.

The next couple of days are going to be a little bit crazy because we are having a two day training seminar at work for a couple of new programs that are being implemented in our office. It is going to be two long days of sitting in a conference room and trying to not fidget too much. I am really not good at sitting still for long periods of time. Plus, my bladder is about three sizes too small and so I have to pee constantly. I honestly spend a good portion of my work day walking back and forth to the bathroom which is a great way to stretch out my legs but it is really annoying when you are supposed to be sitting in a seminar. I am going to do my best to not complain about it too much but my brain might end up fried and blogging could be a little bit sporadic and nonsensical. You have been warned!

So what is going on with all of you guys? I know that Courtney over at Adventures in Tri-ing just finished her first triathlon, Janetha at Meals and Moves adopted a kitty cat, Matt in The Kitchen of a Runner is tapering for the Chicago Marathon and Kat at She Did Whatt? finished her first 20 mile run. All of those things are awesome and inspiring and way too cool!

Have a wonderful Tuesday guys!


  1. I would TOTALLY sport a "Will Run for Pizza"'s usually my post long run treat :) I think I need to get some naan bread and keep it around for pizza cravings.

  2. i woke up feeling sick today too! it must be in the air. i hope you get feeling 110% soon. well yes i did get a little cat! but i don't know if she will stay with us :( my boyfriend's mom wants to take her back to iowa. she would have a better home though! anyway, you totes should get a shirt that says that! yummm pizza!

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling great...I'm not either! I think it is a combo of allergies/coming down off the excitement of my tri!! (thanks for the shout out!!)

    I hear you on the bladder...I drink water constantly...therefore pee constantly. It gets annoying though. Before my tri I was in the porta potty approx 9 times. Nothing like looking at the inside of a porta potty about 10 times to make you just want to get the show on the road!!!!!

    Hope you feel better lady...keep up all your hard work and take a minute to take care of yourself!

    Adventures in Tri-ing

  4. oh no, i hope you didn't catch the nasty cold i did! i've been down for the count for awhile... but at least i got a track workout in the night i felt it coming on ;) they had been redoing the track and field by me, so it had been AGES since I had been able to use it--and i was going to go no matter how tough it was and no matter how i felt the next day!

    feel better and good luck at work!