September 16, 2009

She Works Hard For The Money!

Good morning folks! I cannot believe that it is already Wednesday. I have been working a lot of hours at work and trying to get caught up on things at home and it has made this week fly by! I am not complaining at all because I am always excited to have the work week over with but sheesh, there is just way too much to get done!

I am starting to get super excited about the Heart of Virginia Century this weekend. H and I have participated in this century before and although we got lost and added a few extra miles to a very long course, we had a great time. This will probably be one of our last big bike adventures this year because once the weather starts to get cool, we put our bikes away for the year and focus on running. We are both big wimpy babies when it comes to riding our bikes in cold weather. I do not like to be cold!

I hope that you will all indulge me for a moment because I wanted to address an anonymous comment that I received yesterday. The comment was in regard to H's finishing time at the half ironman and while I know that it was probably asked out of pure innocent curiosity, I will not be answering the question. My reason for this is twofold. First of all, I have an issue with people who post anonymously. I do not understand why they cannot stand behind their comment. What are they afraid of? I do not bite! (This does not apply to my Mom who comments anonymously quite often but makes it more than obvious that it is her! Love you Mom!) My second reason for not responding to this question is that I do not really think it is up to me to post H's finishing time. I very rarely post my own finishing times, paces or PR's because I think it just breeds unnecessary competition and jealousy among people. I am not in competition with any other blogger, I am just me and doing the best I can. The same thing applies to H. If you are really curious about our finishing times, you can look it up on the race website or at Athlinks but it will not be on my blog. There are a few exceptions to this rule but we don't need to go into all of that right now. Okay, moving on...

H and I had an awesome dinner last night of tuna steaks with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. We marinated the tuna steaks in a honey mustard dressing and they were absolutely delicious!
It was a wonderful Tuesday night dinner and made a hum drum work night seem like a special occasion.

I recently received a package from the kind people over at Xagave. The package contained a very cool cookbook, a Corn Syrup Kills pin, information on Xagave and a bottle of Xagave. I decided to try one of the recipes in the cookbook but added my own modifications based on what I had in my pantry. The recipe I started with was for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and what I ended up with was Pumpkin Carob Walnut Bread that is to die for!
Seriously, it is so good that I have been waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it. The combination of pumpkin and carob is wonderful! I bake with regular agave syrup quite often and use it as my sweetener of choice because it has awesome health benefits. I have tried so many different brands and flavors of agave and I have to say that the Xagave is now at the top of my list. I love that Xagave is a blend of white agave and organic inulin from blue agave because this increases the health benefits and makes baking a breeze. I still have quite a bit of the Xagave left and I am already trying to decide on another recipe from the awesome cookbook. I will let you know how it turns out! Meanwhile, go to to find out more about the product.

My workout this morning was just okay. My legs were feeling very sore this morning and so I did an easy 5 miles and then worked on my core for awhile. I also did a bit of stretching and a few push ups. Wednesday morning is always my favorite yoga class and so I spent an hour saluting the sun and bending my body in ways that I used to believe were impossible. It was just what I needed this morning and I am feeling better already. I am crossing my fingers that the rain will hold off this evening so that I can squeeze in a bike ride but the clouds outside of my window are looking rather ominous.

Whew...I am glad I got all of that out! I am definitely feeling long winded today but really, what else is new!? Have a great Hump Day guys!


  1. The bars rock!Hope your day gets better.Ilove u.

  2. It is amazing how much you fit into a day!

  3. I completely understand about the times and paces. I think it's your right to disclose what information you do and do not want on the blog. Most of us who have a blog are just out there doin the best we can!

  4. hmm, i never thought of that in regards to posting my race recaps... i was doing it more as a way to document it for myself! that dinner looks rockin, and i'm intrigued by x-agave:) carob is my new love, so that bread sounds like you should send me some--you know, for quality control purposes! ;)

  5. Shannon: If I had any of the pumpkin bread left, I would definitely send some your way but sadly I ate the last piece for breakfast this morning. : (

  6. Would you be able to list the ingredients in the pumpkin walnut bread recipe that you made ?

  7. Anon: I do not really have a recipe for the Pumpkin Carob Walnut bread because I just sort of added stuff as I went. The recipe was loosely based on a recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies that I found in the awesome Xagave cookbook. I am definitely planning on making the pumpkin bread again so I will pay closer attention to what goes in the mix and try to post a recipe. Cool?