September 22, 2009

Speed Work + Boot Camp = One Tired Lady

Well, this has been quite the morning for my tired little legs. I woke up super duper early this morning and hustled to the gym to get some speed work in. I had a pretty easy workout this morning so my plan was to get my speed work done very quickly and then go to my favorite boot camp class. I don't get to go to boot camp very often because usually I am chained to the treadmill on Tuesday mornings with way too much speed work. I miss going to boot camp because it is a fun way to get in a tough workout so I was determined to make it. I did a very fast 11 miles of speed work that included 4 x 800 meters and 12 x 400 meters with 400 meter jogs between each interval. I also did a 2 mile warm up and a 1 mile cool down. I had a great run and my legs felt awesome! After the run, I changed my clothes and cleaned up a bit (I was covered in sweat and didn't want to gross out the rest of the class) and then rushed over to boot camp. I had a few minutes to stretch before class started and then the instructor announces that we are going to start class by jogging to a nearby hill for some intense hill intervals! Oh man! Now, normally I love hill intervals but my legs were already worn out from speed work and I was not very excited about doing another few miles of speed work but I sucked it up and ran my intervals with the rest of the class. I was definitely not as fast as usual but I had a great time and an awesome workout. We also did a lot of running drills, plyometrics, push ups, strength training and core work which I loved. It was a great way to start the morning and I feel invigorated and ready to face whatever this day throws at me.

H and I had a great time hanging out last night. H was able to get out of work at a decent hour and we took advantage of the extra time together by going on a nice long walk. It was so nice to unwind after a long stressful day of work by taking a nice stress free walk. While we were walking, a group of middle school girls were following us around and trying to get H's attention. It was so cute to watch them giggle and flirt with H but I think it made him a little bit embarrassed because I noticed his cheeks were turning a little bit pink! Sigh, it is so hard to be married to a heart throb! Ha ha!

After our walk, we did our normal evening stuff and then rushed to get some dinner on the table. One of H's clients gave us some fresh cabbage from their garden so we put half of it on the stove to steam up for dinner and H worked on making the other half into coleslaw. H absolutely loves coleslaw and I recently found a new recipe for it in the Xagave cookbook. We decided to try the recipe out and it was super simple and delicious.

I can't share the recipe because it is from the Xagave cookbook but it was very similar to any classic coleslaw recipe.

The Xagave made a great addition to the dressing and H was in coleslaw heaven. I absolutely love the Xagave cookbook. Every recipe we have tried so far has been just amazing and super simple. Our dinner tonight was delicious and easy.

We made Annie's Mac and Cheese and spruced it up with some tuna and peas. We also ate huge helpings of steamed cabbage and although the combination of the two was a bit weird, the dinner filled us up and made our bellies happy. Really, what more could you ask out of dinner?

As usual, I must rush off to work....rush, rush, rush! Ugh! Later guys!


  1. The mac & cheese looks so good! I'm going to have it this weekend for dinner after my race. I can't wait!

    Good job on your workout today!

  2. The x-agave also makes a very tasty Van. Milk mixture just put it in & add extra van. A+ is my grade. Great job on speedwork Stace You are Amazing.

  3. Holy crap your workout sounds awesome!!!! I think you deserve some extra mac and cheese after all those hills!! :>
    You rock!

    Adventures in Tri-ing

  4. Damn that is a beastly speedwork session. Do you always do it on the treadmill? I ran 11 miles on that thing yesterday and I was bored after a mile. No clue how you do it!

  5. Matt: I always do tempo runs and speed work on the treadmill because it is a great way to control the pace. I run between 3:30 and 4:00 in the morning and it is too dark to run outside at that time so I am stuck on the treadmill. I have gotten used to it over the past few years but a great Ipod mix makes all the difference in the world. : )