September 15, 2009

We Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast

Hey guys! So, so so, so sorry for being such a blog slacker the past few days. I really don't know what happened but life was just out of control. I think I also needed a couple of days to recover from my race and just sort out my thoughts. I must admit though, it is good to be back!

Today has started off wonderfully! I was up and out the door at 3:00 am for a great speed workout. I only have a few more really tough speed work sessions before I start tapering for my race and I am crossing my fingers that they all go as well as this one did. When I arrived at the gym, I was the only person in the entire building and it was awesome to have the whole place to myself. I was able to adjust the fans the way I like them and I also had my pick of any treadmill in the entire place. It made getting out of bed before the sun totally worth it. I got right down to buisness as soon as I hopped on the treadmill and busted out a fast 16 miles. I did 8 x 1000 meter repeats with a 600 meter recovery jog and 8 x 400 meter repeats with a 400 meter recovery jog. I also did a 2 mile warm up and a 2 mile cool down. My run went great and i felt really strong the entire time. Honestly, the worst part of the run was the 2 mile cool down because my legs did not want to slow down to a jog. It was torturous! After my run, I did 30 minutes of push ups and core work and then finished up with a nice long stretch.

Recently, Erin over at e-Fit Foods, sent me a pacakage of 3 Bars to sample. The 3 bar was developed by Erin DeMarines who is a triathlete and personal trainer in Florida. The bar was created from an old family cookie recipe and has developed over time to become an all natural, vegan, organic and kosher energy bar. The bars come in three different flavors and I was sent two of the flavors to sample.

I recieved the blueberry and tropical tri flavors but upon closer examination of the bars, I realized that I could only sample the blueberry flavor because there were a few ingredients in the tropical tri bar that I try to avoid. I gave the tropical tri bars to Mel and H to sample for me and they both raved about the great taste of this bar. The tropical tri flavor is a combination of almond butter, coconut and chocolate and apparently, it tastes awesome. I enjoyed two of the blueberry bars and I really enjoyed them. The blueberry flavor was very distinct and the bar was not overly sweet which I really liked. The bars are sweetened with xylitol which I will eat in small amounts but I am not a huge fan of because it makes my stomach hurt. In all honesty, I think the 3 Bars are a great concept and the taste is pretty good but they are not sold in my area and I doubt that I will go out of my way to find them. If you ever see them, I would recommend you give them a try but I am planning on sticking to my Greens Plus Protein Bars for now. If you would like to find out more information about the 3 Bar and Erin DeMarines, go to

Alright folks, I have got to get to work but I will be back to chat again soon. I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Later!

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  1. Hi Stacy. I just found your blog through Melissa's. She's right, you are quite an inspiration! I just ready your race report and I am in awe! I am running my first half in a month and seeing how you finished, despite it being tough, is very inspiring! I'll be reading.