October 15, 2009

And Then It was Thursday...

This week is definitely flying by. I guess one of the advantages to being really busy is that the days go by really quickly and when you look up from the huge pile of work in front of you, the weekend is staring you in the face. Oh yeah, bring on the weekend!

With my mileage reaching a peak for marathon training, my hunger has increased. I have been eating constantly and I feel hungry all the time. I have been trying to fill up on healthy whole foods but sometimes it feels like I just eat all day long. H and I have had a couple of really great meals this week. The first one was supposed to be burritos with a side of steamed broccoli but when I look at the pictures, it looks more like a tortilla threw up all over my plate.

I had to eat it all with a fork because there was no way I could pick up the burrito and take a bite. Our burritos had beans, red onions, lettuce, tomato, salsa, edamame, roasted corn, red peppers and cheese. We also had some steamed broccoli on the side and the whole meals was super duper veggielicious! Another really great meal of the week was turkey and cheese sandwiches with fresh cranberry sauce. Oh man, these sandwiches were so, so good! I love cranberry sauce and when I saw cranberries at Whole Foods last week, I just had to get them. I think the combination of cranberry and turkey is excellent so I whipped up a quick batch of cranberry sauce while daydreaming about how wonderful Thanksgiving dinner is going to be this year. Cranberry sauce is super easy to make and really doesn't require a recipe but I did glance at my Xagave cookbook to see how their version was made.
The Xagave recipe is very similar to my own. All I do to make the sauce is combine 1 cup of cranberries with 1/2 a cup of agave and 1/2 a cup of water and bring the whole thing to a boil.
Once the cranberry sauce is bowling, just reduce the heat to simmer and let the delicious cranberries simmer until they start to pop open. Once the cranberry sauce cools, it will thicken up and you will have a little piece of heaven right in your own little kitchen.

Our turkey sandwiches were made with turkey (obviously), cheese, lettuce, tomato, cranberry sauce and nine grain bread. I was loving every single bite of this sandwich! Mmm!
This morning I had another tough tempo run on my training plan. My tempo run was identical to the one I did last Thursday but it seemed much easier than last week which is awesome. I felt so great at the end of my tempo run that I decided to bump up the pace a bit and add an extra mile. I was grinning and singing along to my Ipod the whole time. When the run was feeling tough, I spent time picturing different portions of the marathon course and really focused on pushing through. I really think that visualization exercises help with racing and it was great to have something to focus on besides the slowly passing time on the treadmill clock. My run was 80 minutes in length and I managed to finish 12 miles. After my run, I did a hard session of strength training and then stretched all of my sore, tight muscles out. It was a wonderful start to my Thursday.
Alright folks, I am done babbling on for now. Talk to you soon!


  1. The cranberry sauce looks great. I'll have to try it with agave nectar. That stuff works in everything doesn't it?!