October 2, 2009

The Friday Burn Out

It seems like every Friday I reach a point where I just feel burnt out from the week. I feel absolutely exhausted from the work week, hard workouts, chores, errands and everything else. What would we do without weekends to recover? Honestly, I really don't know! The weekends are crucial to allowing my body and mind to refresh themselves and gear up for another week of chaos. Oh weekends...I love you so!

What sort of big exciting plans do you guys have for the weekend? My weekend is looking sort of quiet and filled with relaxing. I have a couple of workouts planned including a 30K trail run with the Matheny's at Pocahontas State Park. I am super excited about that because I haven't run out there in a very long time. I have such a love/hate relationship with the trails in Pocahontas State Park because they are hard but fun. We are supposed to have some gorgeous fall weather so it should be an awesome run. We have a big family picnic planned for Saturday as well and I am definitely planning on spending some time loving on my husband. Other than that though, my weekend is going to be filled with naps, reading and relaxing!
Last night was cereal night at the Lane house and I took some pictures for you guys of all of the cereal excitement.

As you can see, we love our cereal! Actually, I just love having dinner with H. We made a rule when we got married that we would make it a point to sit at the table and eat dinner together every night and we have done a pretty good job of sticking to it. Every once in awhile, we will watch a movie while we eat but the vast majority of our meals are eaten at the table. I love having the opportunity at the end of the day to catch up and chat about what is on our minds. Some of our very best conversations happen over dinner and I cherish that time together. Do you guys eat at the table with your family? I have to admit that when I was single, I usually ate dinner in my car, standing at the counter in the kitchen or in front of the TV.

Recently, I have noticed that my legs are not looking as toned as they used to. I am definitely not fat but my legs are less muscular and looking a little slack...for lack of a better word. I am still running a ton of miles, riding my bike, going to spin classes and all sorts of other things but I have been slacking on my leg workouts and it is starting to show. I have now officially deemed Friday as Take Back My Legs Day and I put them through a tough workout this morning. I am planning on keeping this up for the next eight weeks and then making a few changes to keep my legs guessing. I am tricky like that! here is what I did:
-1 mile warm up jog
-30 minutes on the stepmill (level 20)
-500 jumping jacks
-15 minutes jump rope
-50 lunges (each leg)
-50 squats (100 lbs)
-50 calve raises (100 lbs)
-50 push ups (my legs needed a break)
-50 leg extensions (50 lbs)
-50 hamstring curls (50 lbs)
-50 hip abductor (100 lbs)
-50 hip adductor (60 lbs)
-50 leg press (75 lbs)
-15 minutes of core work

I ran out of time at the end of my workout so I was only able to fit in 15 minutes of core work and I had to cut out my stretch time. I am hoping to fit that in tonight after work but I may just forget about it and make it up tomorrow. It was a good solid workout and i am looking forward to seeing how my legs change. H and I have been talking about incorporating some more plyometrics into our workouts which would be a good supplement to this workout. I am excited to see what sort of changes take place over the next few weeks. I will keep you guys posted.

The girls and I had an awesome time at Coffee Club this morning. Mel made delicious pumpkin cinnamon rolls for breakfast that were to die for!
I am not sure how she did it but the rolls were so light and flaky and pumpkiny and delicious! We also participated in the Starbucks Via Challenge while we were there. I have tasted the Starbucks Via Instant Coffee before and I think it is very good but it definitely tastes like instant coffee. It was ridiculously easy to tell the difference between the fresh brewed coffee and the instant coffee but it was still fun to participate in a taste test. We received a bunch of coupons and samples for participating which was very cool because H loves instant coffee and I know he will put the samples to good use.

I feel like I have been very long winded today but honestly, it was all stuff that you guys needed to know! For real! Have a great weekend guys!


  1. Looking forward to a FAB.weekend.Your legs are hot,but that will be a good work-out!Keep me posted

  2. Damn! That leg workout is tough!

    We usually eat dinner in front of the tv. It's our tradition to watch Daily Show and Colbert Report from the night before during dinner. We are very classy like that :)

    Have a fun weekend!

  3. Whoo!! What a leg workout!! Looks like you will get your legs to where you want them in no time with that routine.
    Have a fun weekend...looks like you have a lot planned!
    This is our only weekend with nothing official on the agenda for October so I'm going to savor it!
    Adventures in Tri-ing

  4. I always feel burnt out on Fridays as well. My week is go go go with running, class, work, ect...

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  5. Could you get your sister to post a recipe for the pumpkin cinnamon rolls they look delicious!