October 12, 2009

How Do You Recap A Perfect Weekend?

I really do not know where to start with my long weekend recap because it was just so much fun. I wish that I could post a bunch of pictures and call it a day but most of my pictures look horrible. I am not sure what happened but I am not really surprised because I really sort of suck at taking pictures. Maybe I should take some sort of photography class or something. Hmm...maybe I should look into that. Anyway, here is how the fabulous weekend went down:

I woke up super early and went to the gym for a great workout. I did the same leg workout as last Friday but added 15 minutes more of jump rope. I love to jump rope! It makes me feel like a kid! After I finished killing my legs, I went to Coffee Club with my wonderful sisters. We had a great time chatting and sipping on coffee. Amy brought us all some delicious oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins and agave. It was SO delicious and made my tummy super happy. I was a loser and didn't take any pictures at Coffee Club but I can tell you that we all looked really cute and the food looked good too! After Coffee Club, I went home to meet up with my precious H and we decided to get a few things done around the house. We are such nerds because we had the whole day off to celebrate our anniversary and we spent a couple of hours cleaning our house from top to bottom, running errands and hanging out at the library. It was nice to cross some stuff off of our to do list though and we made up for the work by having a super fun afternoon. We spent a couple of hours sitting at a coffee shop sipping on coffee and reading magazines and then we went to lunch. Our lunch was interesting to say the least. I had an awesome salad from the Ellwood Thompson's salad bar and my fabulous husband had a huge piece of chocolate cake and ginger ale. Man, I wish I could eat like he does and still look decent in a bathing suit. Boys are so lucky! After our lunch we went downtown and wandered around the city. We walked all over the trails of the James River Park System and took quite a few crappy pictures.

Once we were worn out from the trails, we made our way back home and took a long afternoon nap. It was so awesome to catch up on some sleep because H and I were both worn out from working way too hard. After our nap, we decided to go see a movie so we made our way to the theatre and saw All About Steve. H and I both love Sandra Bullock and although this movie was sort of stupid, we still enjoyed ourselves because she just cracks us up. (Also, I think H has a little crush on her but shh...you didn't hear that from me!) After the movie, we went home had some dinner and just enjoyed hanging out together. It was an awesome anniversary!

We slept a little bit late on Saturday morning and when we finally pulled ourselves out of bed a workout was the only thing on my mind. H and I ran to the gym near our house (about 2.50 miles) and he went inside to do weights while I finished another 6 miles to finish with 8.50 miles. It was raining a little bit during the run and my legs were achy but overall it was a great run. I finished my workout with 30 minutes of core and stretching. When the workout was over, H and I had some lunch and then met Mel and Billy for an apple picking adventure. We drove up to Charlottesville and picked apples at Carter's Mountain Orchard. I absolutely love Charlottesville and how beautiful the mountains are. We had an awesome time wandering around the mountain looking for apples and exploring.

We finished our adventure by sipping on apple cider and listening to a local bluegrass band play while we looked out over the mountains. Honestly, this was one of those perfect fall moments when everything just seems right with the world. I wish I could make those moments last forever! After our apple picking adventure, we drove home and H and I spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch watching movies and snuggling. It was very romantic and the perfect way to end the day.
Sunday morning arrived way too early and I dragged my butt out of bed to have some breakfast and get ready for a long run. It was super chilly outside (46 degrees) and I had plans to meet the Matheny's for a 20 mile run. At 7:00 on the dot, we were off on our 20 mile adventure and we spent the next few hours running all over the city and doing our best to chat our way through the miles. The weather was awesome by about 8:00 and it was a perfect fall morning for a long run. I had such a wonderful run and my legs felt great the entire time. After we finished running, I took a quick shower, ate some breakfast and then H and I went out to enjoy our Sunday. We ran a few errands and took a quick stroll through the mall and then found ourselves at Barnes and Noble with some coffee and magazines. The rest of our afternoon involved ice cream, a nice walk around the neighborhood, reading, football and household chores. All in all, it was a great Sunday and a perfect end to our fabulous weekend.
A lot of other cool things happened this weekend. Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander won Hawaii Ironman. My girl Chrissie shattered the course record and beat the rest of the field by almost 20 minutes. Wow! Also, both the Chicago and Baltimore marathons took place this weekend and I hear there were quite a few great finishes. Fall marathon season has moved into high gear and it is awesome to read everyones race reports. I love marathon season! Alright, this post has become way too long. I am going to let you guys go because honestly, I can't believe you hung in there to read this entire post. have an awesome Monday!


  1. Your weekend sounds like so much fun! I'm obsessed with Carter's too, as my family usually hits it up every year. Awesome 20-miler (great weather to run it), and have a great Monday :)

  2. Just made my day w/ the blog weekend review.It really was awesome wasn't it.Thankx for a great time 3 day weekend next week,C-ya there.Kisses&Hugs

  3. Sounds like a perfect anniversary to me. So glad you two enjoyed it :)

  4. Wow, it sounds like you guys had an AWESOME weekend!! So much fun stuff..apple picking is the best! And I love bluegrass music..I'm so jealous of your day. And chocolate cake and ginger ale..that could have been my hubs I was reading about!!
    Glad you had a great one...off to the work week!
    Adventures in Tri-ing
    PS..I passed my ACE certification on Saturday! Yippeeee!

  5. Congratulations Courtney! I am SO proud of you!! That test is not easy. Great job!

  6. what a great weekend!! and apple picking :) yum!