October 14, 2009

I Need An Outlet

So, I really don't have time to be blogging right now because I have a to do list that is overwhelming but I needed to take a break and write for a few moments to help get my head on straight. Do you guys ever have super busy days like this where you feel like you will never catch up on all of the projects in front of you and nothing seems to be going right? It is a welcome break to take a few minutes, clear my head and whine to all of my blog friends for a few minutes.

I do have a quick question for you guys and I am about to reveal just how computer illiterate I am. Please promise me that you will keep reading my blog after I post my question. Promise? For real? Your fingers aren't crossed are they? Toes? Okay, cool. So, I finally set up Google Reader after 10 months of blogging and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to comment on other blogs. Can I post comments in Google Reader? Anyone who can help me figure this out will be my Blogging BFF...for real!

I am super hungry at the moment and I was thinking about what I could possibly have for a snack. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when I am busy and hungry is a Greens Plus Protein Bar. I love, love, love those bars. My mouth starts to water whenever I think about them. What is your favorite protein bar? My top ten are:
1.) Greens Plus (any flavor...I love them all)
2.) Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar
3.) Toasted Nuts and Cranberry Luna Bar
4.) Super Protein Odwalla Bar
5.) Peanut Butter Perfect Foods Bar
6.) Jay Robb Bars (any flavor)
7.) Berry Almond Luna Bar
8.) Tropical Twist Larabar
9.) Peanut Goji Think Fruit Bar
10.) Chia Razz Dr. Weil's Bar
Well, I just succeeded in making myself even more hungry. I am going to try and find a snack. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam and chat about nonsense for a bit. Back to work!


  1. i just might think your #3 is my #1! blogging is a good way to destress :)

  2. I love #3 as well. I eat half of one every morning before I workout. : )

  3. I haven't had #2. Please eat it so I can live through you. I might be wrong, but if want to comment on someone's blog through Google Reader, I click on the post and it opens up and I comment directly on the post. I'm not aware of any way to comment on reader itself. I'm interested to see if there's a way though!

  4. Eat up girl!!!!!Stress sucks

  5. Try looking at the attached video and related videos at that location.

    Also, try Google Help Forums -> Blogger and ask your question.

    Hope this helps.


  6. I haven't even heard of most of those bars! I gues living out of the country for the last 4 years will do that to you! Yikes.

  7. yeah i click thru the post from google reader when i want to comment. i don't always have time, so at least i read :/

    i haven't tried alot of those bars! but i love the new pb&j larabar, and the super protein odwalla is alright too. other ones right now are escaping me...