October 16, 2009


We made it to Friday guys! Just a few more hours of work and we will be enjoying two days of freedom from the big man! I am super excited about the weekend as usual but even more so than usual because I have some fun things planned. H and I are kicking the weekend off right with a hot date tonight. We have dinner reservations at a great little local restaurant and then I am going to try to talk him into a movie. I guess we will have to see how tired we are when we get off from work. (Man, I can't believe I just wrote that last statement...I am getting old!) Saturday is going to be my Catch Up Day! I have so many errands to run and a nice long to do list to take care of. I am also planning on taking a looong nap and relaxing with my love. The weather here is so gray and cold and rainy which is perfect napping weather. Sunday will be an awesome day because I have a 25 mile run planned for the morning and it is going to be a balmy 37 degrees here! Doesn't that sound like fun? I am actually pretty excited about the run and my legs are feeling ready for it. I am trying to figure out my route and running partners. If anyone is in the area and wants to knock out a few miles with me just leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know...the more the merrier, right?

I started my Friday off in the usual way, alarm goes off too early, super hard workout at the gym and then Coffee Club with Mel. We had an awesome time at Coffee Club as usual and I have some great pictures but my camera is MIA so I will try to post those later. I actually have a super cool recipe to share with you guys for Caramel Apple Cake but I am going to wait to post the recipe when I have the pictures. Remind me to post that because you guys are going to love it!

Finally a huge thank you to my awesome step dad, Edge, for giving me a tutorial on Google Reader and also to Mel from Melissa Nibbles for all of her tips. I guess now I have two Blog BFF's. Seriously though, I really appreciate the help guys. You are both awesome!

Have a great Friday guys!

(Psst...I have a SUPER BIG secret that I want to tell SO badly but I can't tell a soul. I hate keeping secrets but it makes me feel better to at least tell someone that I have a secret. Cross your fingers that I don't let it slip!)


  1. Good luck on the 25 miles! I can't imagine running that far! How do you not just sleep the rest of the weekend away after that?

    You're too sweet! You're one of my bloggie bff's too!

  2. Whats your secret? Excited for our date tonight!!!

  3. I really want to come and run 25 miles with you :)

  4. Even if I was on the same continent as you, I could never keep up! :) Have fun and enjoy the weekend. The caramel apple recipe sounds great!