October 1, 2009

Let's Do It All Over Again

I have another full day of training at work today and I am really not looking forward to it. I am not trying to complain but man oh man, I was going stir crazy yesterday sitting still for so long. I cannot imagine doing that day in and day out. Anyway, this is going to be another quick post because I have got to get moving and try to catch up on a few things at work.

Last night, H and I made a really simple meal and called it a night pretty early because we are both exhausted. We have both been fighting colds and some sort of stomach virus thing and it is really taking a toll on our energy levels. Anyway, H had a plate of pancakes and I had an open faced tuna sandwich.

We both had steamed brussel sprouts on the side and once we were full, we brushed our teeth and went to bed. We are just regular party animals aren't we?

In other news, I bought a new pair of running shoes over the weekend and finally broke them in. I bought the same shoes that I have been running in because they are awesome shoes. I have the Asics Nimbus 11's and I love them. I have been running in the Nimbus for years now and no other shoe makes my feet quite as happy. I love new running shoes!

My run was awesome but I would like to think that it was because of my amazing running ability and not the shoes...sadly though, I think the opposite is true!

My workout this morning was so much fun. I did an easy 2.50 mile warm up run and then hit the weight room. I did a quick session of strength training and core work and then I met Mel at 5:15 for a super fun hill workout. Mel and I totally conquered the hills today. We ran 22 x 200 meter hill repeats as fast as our legs would go and jogged the recovery. We also did about a mile warm up and a mile cool down. I am so proud of Mel for hanging in there today because she is not feeling well at all and is way behind on her sleep. I don't know how she hung in there but she was literally flying up those hills. Mel is awesome! I hope I can be like her when I get older.

Alright, I am off to boring work training. (i.e. staring off into space and daydreaming) Have a wonderful day guys! It's October!!


  1. I can't sit still for long periods of time either. I feel your pain!

    I had brussell sprouts last night AND bought new running sneakers...Asics! Are you me?

  2. I wore the Nimbus through version 9, but then they started hurting my feet. Too bad, they were a great shoe.

  3. Jess: I hated the Nimbus 10's. They gave me horrible blisters and made my ankles hurt. I love the 11's though.

    Melissa: Maybe we are long lost twins! : )

  4. the 10s were a bit off, but they worked once i sized up. i stocked up on those while they were cheap though, my knees get cranky as soon as they wear down.

    mmm, pancakes for dinner :) although i doubt i'd pair them with brussels sprouts!

  5. That training sounds like hell!

    Haha about the shoes. I think the same is true for me too ;)