October 20, 2009

Powered By Pizza

As I am sure most of you guys know, nutrition plays a huge roll in the way our bodies perform. I have really been working hard on eating the right balance of protein, carbs and fat to fuel some tough workouts. Last night when I got home from work, I knew that I needed a good carb filled dinner to help fuel me through a tough speed work session and boot camp the next morning. H and I decided to go with one of our all time favorite meals...PIZZA!

Of course we had brussel sprouts with our pizza because 1.) we are addicted to brussel sprouts and 2.) we are also a little bit too predictable. Anyway, dinner was deeeeelicious and definitely filled my tank up with some energy.
I woke up this morning with a pep in my step. I had a nice and easy speed work session that consisted of a 2 mile warm up, followed by 18 x 200 meters w/ a 200 meter recovery jog and finally a 2 mile cool down. When I finished my run, I still had a little bit of time left before Boot camp started so I decided to do another 1.50 miles and bring my mileage up to an even 10.00 for the morning. My legs are feeling really great which I was not expecting after running so much this past weekend. I have really loved this training cycle for the marathon and to be honest, I am going to be sad when the taper begins and even more sad when the race is over. H and I are already plotting what our next adventure is going to be and his vote is for a 50K trail run in February. The only thing that comes to mind when he mentions this race is BRRRRR! I guess we will see if he can talk me into it...it probably won't be that hard to do because in the back of my mind, it sort of sounds like fun. Anyway, back to my morning workout, after I finished my speed work, I went to Boot Camp. It was 37 degrees outside this morning, so the teacher decided that we would do most of the class inside. We did go for a quick run outside and did a few hill sprints but after about 15 minutes of running, we made it back into the gym and spent a lot of time doing push ups, lunges, chariot running, squats, core work, jump rope, plyometrics and even some strength training. It was a good workout and the hour flew by. I feel great and ready to face the day...even if that does mean I have to sit at my desk for hours and hours and hours! Ugh!
Alright folks, I am off to work. It is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous outside today so maybe if I work really, really hard, I can sneak out of work a few minutes early and enjoy the sunshine. Cross your fingers for me!


  1. 50k trail run!! What what!!!

    That pizza looks great! I had brussel sprouts at a wedding this weekend...I kind of forgot about them, they are going to make a comeback soon.

    Adventures in Tri-ing

  2. already looking forward to this race nott bb&t (inside joke)I miss you so-o-o much

  3. I think you should just skip out of work and enjoy the day...just kidding! Well, not really.

    Pizza looks great!