October 13, 2009

Pushing Myself To Be The Best

Good morning guys! I have already had quite an exhausting morning between speed work and a great boot camp class. The Richmond Marathon is just 4 1/2 weeks away and my speed work sessions are really starting to decrease in distance while increasing in pace. I did 10 fast miles of intervals and concentrated on pushing the pace as much as possible. I was super proud of my run and jumped off of the treadmill with a spring in my step. After I finished my run, I did 15 minutes of core work and stretching while waiting for Boot Camp to start. Mel and I partnered up for Boot Camp today and we had an awesome time together. We did chariot runs, suicides, sprints, tuck jumps, burpees and TONS of strength training, ab work, push ups, lunges and squats. I loved every moment of the workout. I really enjoyed being challenged and I feed off of competition. I enjoy trying to be the first one finished with an interval or the last one standing on a tough set of weights. Competition drives me and I don't think that is a bad thing. I am not mean about being competitive and if someone beats me, I am the first one to congratulate them but I enjoy working hard to be the best. I am still trying to work on Mel because she does not have a competitive bone in her body. I was super happy to see her right next to me this morning during our warm up run. She was pushing the pace and leaving everyone in her dust...in fact, I think she may have lapped a couple of people. How about you? Are you super competitive or are you just as happy at the back of the pack?


  1. Great workout!

    I'm competitive, but I've learned to dial it back a bit. I just try to focus on doing my best and when I want to get competitive, I focus on beating my own personal times instead of beating others in races or classes.

    Have a great day!

  2. Very competitive.Just w/ my self & whomever is in front of me.Only in races & bottcamp classes or well...any class w/ working out/sprints.Not so much spin(I just do my owm thing in there)

  3. You may just rub off on me one of these days :)

  4. I work out alone so much of the time, that I love doing races/events because even though I'm still competing against my own times, it is fun to try and push myself harder and keep up with those around me!
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  5. I'm definitely competitive, but mostly with myself. If I see someone in front of me at a race it's a good way to push myself, but like you I'm gracious when beaten (which happens a lot). :)

  6. i'm pretty competative with myself :) but within reason, i probably could push it harder sometimes, but i've also had some issues with injuries and that has probably made me a tad more tentative