October 22, 2009

When Did Summer Come Back?

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Richmond...79 balmy degrees, sunny and not a cloud in sight! I wish I had the day off to go hiking or take my bike out for a ride. Instead, I am stuck at work, trying to focus and staring out of my office window with a pathetic, longing face. Sounds dramatic doesn't it? Do you guys have trouble dressing for work this time of the year? I can never figure out when to pull the sweaters and boots out and put the capri pants and open toe shoes away. It is quite the dilemma...especially when the weather keeps changing back and forth. What do all of you fashionable ladies do with your wardrobes as the seasons change? I would love to hear any and all tips you may have!

Last night, H and I had burritos and salad for dinner. It was an okay dinner but nothing too exciting. Honestly, the salad was the best part of the meal.

I am not sure why but our burritos were sort of just bland and weird...or maybe we were just feeling bland and weird! Either way!

Anyway, we ate dinner, it filled up our bellies and I suppose that is the point. Does anyone have a really great burrito recipe they would like to share? (Disclaimer: said in the nicest possible way - Please do not tell me to make sweet potato and black bean burritos because I have tried it, I don't like it and sweet potatoes do not belong on a burrito! - smile politely as you step off of your soap box.)

My workout this morning was HARD! Honestly, I don't remember the last time I had such a tough time with a tempo run. My run this morning was supposed to be an easy 65 minutes at race pace but it felt like torture. I had such a hard time keeping my race pace and it was so frustrating. I am sure that my body is tired and trying to recover from all of the running I did last weekend but honestly, I hate when tempo runs make me feel like I suck at running. I managed to finish about 10 miles and then walked for another mile or so to loosen my legs up a bit. I am just glad to have that run behind me! After my run, I did a fast but really hard core session of strength training. The focus of the workout was my chest and lats and they were feeling the burn...ahh...it feels so good! I finished my workout with a nice long stretch and a good session of gossip with Mel...honestly, best cool down idea ever! Gossip makes the stretching portion of the workout fly by!
H and I are taking tomorrow off to spend some time together, take a deep breath and enjoy life. I suppose you could call it a Stop And Smell The Roses Day because that is what we are planning on doing...although there will be no roses involved. Well, maybe there will be roses involved if my sweet husband were to buy me some...I'm just saying! Honestly though, I am really looking forward to having the day off but that means I have to get twice as much done at work today. Ugh! Wish me luck guys and have an amazing Thursday!


  1. I don't have enough clothes to have to worry about switching my wardrobe. I just wear cardigans over my short sleeved and sleeveless stuff. Sorry I can't be more help :(

    Enjoy your smelling of the roses!

  2. Looking forward to it.Lots of love>>

  3. My burito today was the bomb,added mayo & in the mood...yum yumm My stomach thanks you : )

  4. hope you enjoyed the day off :) hmm, burritos... you can really put anything in them!

    don't kill me- i love the sw pot & bb combo ;)

  5. Good luck, hope you get a great night off! I agree with the burritos - no potatoes in it please! Hmmm...no recipes, but I do love beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoe, salsa, etc or turkey maybe. Haven't had one in awile actually! Great blog - I wish I could prepare for a Tri - unfortunately my swimming sucks...and I'd probably drown...:(

  6. Do you like cilantro? I think that always spices up a mexican themed dish and makes it taste fresh!

    I'm jealous of your weather...hoping the rain stops long enough to get an outside run in tomorrow because I can't take the dreadmill another day!!!

    Adventures in Tri-ing