November 18, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need Fries!

Man oh man! Yesterday was a rough day and today isn't looking much better. I wish that I could explain to you guys everything that is going on but I just can't right now. Hopefully I will be able to come clean about all of the chaos going on in my life in the very near future but as of right now I need to just soldier on and keep my lips sealed.

As a result of dealing with way too much stress yesterday, I knew that I needed a quick and easy dinner because I did not feel like spending any time in the kitchen. I opened my cabinets and immediately knew what we were going to have for dinner. I recently purchased a HUGE 8 lb bag of potatoes at the grocery store because they were super cheap but now I am trying to think of creative ways to use them. When I spied a can of Amy's Chili in the cabinet, I knew that this was going to be a night for chili fries.

(sorry for the blurry picture) Now, I know that there are definitely healthier options out there for dinner but really, sometimes you just need to eat a huge plate of chili fries. There really isn't a recipe for this dinner because all I did is cut up a bunch of potatoes and bake them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Once the fries were brown and crispy, I warmed the chili and made a huge serving of brussel sprouts.
This was a perfect ending to a not so perfect day.

My workout this morning was another super easy recovery workout. I ran a nice easy 10K and then did core work until my Wednesday morning yoga class started. Yoga was wonderful this morning and my legs were loving every moment of it. I really need to do more yoga because I always feel amazing after I practice. At the end of class our teacher always tells us to "be kind and compassionate to yourself and others" goal for today is to put that into practice.

Have a wonderful day and know that I am thankful for each and every one of you who takes the time to check in and see what I am up to each day. You guys are beautiful in so many ways!


  1. Those look great. You need more cheese though ;)

    I know whatever you're going through is difficult, but I know you're a strong woman. Big hugs to you.

  2. Melissa: Thanks for the hug!:)

    Just for the record, H had TONS of cheese on his fries!

  3. Sounds like some good comfort food...without going too crazy!
    Keep your head up lady..sometimes that is all you can do.

    ADventures in Tri-ing

  4. Girlie- so sorry to hear about all the craziness- I hope it clears up quickly. I think that is one great version of chili fries! Love that you used a healthier Amy's chili and served it with my favorite green veggie.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog- I wish we could do coffee :)

  5. aw gurrrrrrl! it makes me sad to hear you are having a rough and stressful time!

    at least you had a nice dinner right?! Do something nice to treat yourself this week!!! you deserve it!!!!!!!

    i hope things turn around for you!!
    Sending my best!

  6. Mmmm, now this is the way to do chili fries :) I would say that is pretty darn healthy! i'm trying to get more into that green veggie... but for now i stick to others! i have been slacking with my yoga and pt lately, need to get out of that funk, and quick!

    hope things settle down for you soon :/

  7. Alright, alright I'm convinced! I will try brussel sprouts when I get back from vacation! I always see them on your post and it's not that I don't like them, it's just not a veggie I grew up with. I like most veggies though so it should be a hit! :)
    Good luck and keep plugging along.