November 5, 2009

That's Some Good Eatin'

Hey guys! I just want to clarify really quickly that my marathon is on November 14th and not this week. I am doing a two week taper for the marathon and so I am technically tapering now but I have just under a week and a half until I race. I am sorry to confuse you guys...silly me!

I was looking through my pictures and I have a TON of food pictures that I just haven't gotten around to posting. I have been eating some really good stuff lately! For real! Now, with all of these pictures just waiting to have their moment in the spotlight, I couldn't miss the opportunity to prove to my Mom that I do indeed eat enough calories each day. (Hee hee, love you Mom!) So, without further adieu, here is a quick photo montage of what I have been shoveling in my pie hole!

My breakfast oats before I heat them in the microwave...gross looking huh!?

My breakfast oats after I heat them in the microwave...even more gross! How is that possible!?

A little bit of monkey food!

My daily dose of Luna deliciousness!

French bread pizza...mmm!

Homemade salmon burger with tomato, avocado and a side of steamed broccoli!

Aerial view!

Carrots and cucumbers for the crunch factor!

My pretty pink thermos filled with Starbucks Thanksgiving Brew! Yummy!

A perfectly delicious apple. (Little known Stacy fact: I eat at least two apples every day because I LOVE them. I could easily eat ten a day! Apples are definitely my favorite food of all time!)

So, there you have it...this is how I have been keeping my belly full and my body moving. What have you guys been eating lately? Anything fun?

This morning I woke up at 3:20 and made my way to the gym for my last HARD tempo run before the marathon. I did the exact same tempo run that I did last Thursday and it was a tiny bit easier this week...but just a tiny bit! I was so tired this morning and really didn't feel like running but after about 3 miles I started to wake up a little bit and actually focus on this run. I managed to finish 13.25 miles in 95 minutes and except for a little bit of tightness in my hamstring, I felt really great. I am really happy to have that run over with and I am looking forward to taking a break from tempo running. Do you guys like tempo runs? I have a love/hate relationship with them because I know for a fact that they make me a better runner but they are hard and mind numbing. After my run, I did a very quick chest and back workout and then I spent ten wonderful minutes stretching all of the kinks out of my legs. I have a feeling that I am going to be pretty stiff at work today but maybe I can whip out a few Sun Salutations in my office when no one is looking.
This day is starting to get away from me already and i really can't afford to let that happen. I will end up with work stacked up on the floor next to my desk again if I am not careful. I better get moving! Have a wonderful day guys...greet today with a smile and an open heart!


  1. I love your thermos - so cute! And you had me at French Bread pizza - love it!

    And Mom's will always worry about their kids, no matter how old! :D

  2. thanks for the comment and GOOD LUCK in your marathon!!! so exciting :)

  3. oh french bread pizza = delish!!! i love that stuff. so simple but so, so good.

  4. Apples are my favorite too :)
    And my goodness you get up so early- but good for you for being so dedicated. Haha, I'm excited to compare our race reports of Richmond!

  5. You deserve those sun salutations. Who cares if anyone is looking? I straight up break out lunges in my office and I think I already told you about my naps in the bathroom :)

    I think the oats look great! Do you eat those at work or at the gym?

  6. hahah my mom totally worries about that too! LOTS of yum. Your oats look fantastic...they're making me crave oats for dinner! Hmmm.... I have been eating tons of squash,apples, beans, salsa, peppers, broccoli, and nut butter :) All of my favorite foods :) That french bread pizza does look awesome

  7. Melissa: I eat my oats at work every morning while I catch up on emails. I am usually starving by the time I get there but I could never eat at my gym because it is fiiled with germs! Eww! : )

  8. I love apples too! A good, sweet, crispy apple might be the best food in the world. However, since they're almost $2/apple here I usually limit to 4 or 5/week. Sad, I know. :) Great job with your training - your dedication is amazing.

  9. Good looking eats! I have been eating a lot of eggs, pizza, and sweet potatoes lately. Yumm...

  10. Dude...3:20 AM!?!?!? You are dedicated and my hero!!!!!!!

    I also adore apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away right!! If I could only have one fruit the rest of my life it would be a throw down between pineapple and apples but I think apples would WIN!

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