November 17, 2009

To The Windows...To The Wall...

So, we had Lo Mien for dinner last night and I have had Lil Jon in my head ever since. (Get Low...Lo Mien...get it?) Anyway, I really hated that song until I saw The Proposal....funniest part in the movie by far! If you haven't seen it then just google Get Low/Proposal and YouTube will totally hook you up. Funny stuff!

Alright so, I have been a huge bog slacker the last couple of days but that is only because I have been working VERY hard at work. I think my boss is trying to kill me! For real! I am trying to hang in there for the rest of the week because I have a bunch of vacation time coming up but work is totally taking over my life right now. Do you hear that? Waa Waa...somebody call the wambulance! Even I am getting tired of all of this whining. Let's move on.

So, like I said, I made Lo Mien for dinner last night and it was devastatingly delicious. Here is how it all went down:

First I cut up a block of tofu and covered it in a top secret marinade of orange juice, bbq sauce, garlic, ginger and pepper. I baked the tofu at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes or so. I am not sure of the exact time because I was busy doing other things while it was baking but I basically just left it in the oven until it was brown and crispy around the edges.

While the tofu was baking, I made about half a bag of whole wheat spaghetti according to the package directions. I used spaghetti because it is what I had on hand but any type of long noodle will do. I also steamed a big bag of stir fry veggies that I picked up at Whole Foods. When the tofu was finished, I combined the veggies and noodles with another top secret lo mien sauce. My "sauce" literally consisted of random spices and condiments that I had on hand and a generous splash of orange juice. I am almost positive that I could not recreate the sauce even if I tried so if you are interested in making lo mien, then you can either get creative with your sauce like I did or google a recipe for a more traditional lo mien recipe. I think the creativity thing is fun though because you get to sneak little taste tests along the way. Once the noodles and veggies were covered in the sauce, I added the tofu, gave it all a good stir and served in huge bowls.

This was such a great dinner and the best part...LEFTOVERS GALORE! guess what I will be eating for lunch the next couple of days? I'll give you a hint. It sort of sounds like mow wain.

Just for the record, I know I haven't posted a workout in a while but that is not because I haven't been working out. I have been running and cross training and all of the usual stuff but I am also trying to let my body recover a little bit from the race. Here is what I have been doing since Saturday.

Sunday: Easy 4 miles and 1000 meter swim plus lots and lots of stretching.

Monday: Spin class, core work, upper body weights, 45 minutes on the Stepmill.

Tuesday: Easy 5 miles, core work, Boot Camp and yoga.

My body is feeling pretty good and I am enjoying this recovery time because I know it will be over all too soon and I will be back to punishing workouts.

I better get to work now. I hope you guys have an awesome day.

Oh and I almost forgot, go check out the chocolate contest over at Chocolate Covered Katie...that is some amazing looking chocolate.


  1. Looks delicious! I'll have to try it - I haven't cooked with tofu yet. I'm a bit intimidated. This looks easy enough, though. :)

  2. Wow. That looks yummy! Can you mail me some?

    Enjoy your recovery. You deserve it!

  3. tritolose: Tofu is super easy to cook with. Don't let it intimidate you at all. Honestly though, if you don't want to do the tofu thing, you can always just add chicken or shrimp or whatever you like in its place.

  4. Ha, your easy days look like my most hardcore days of the year! Workout hero I tell you!! I want to be you when I grow up!!! LOL

    BTW..."devastatingly delicious" AWESOME!!!

    Adventures in Tri-ing
    Get yourself a crockpot lady!!!

  5. Your stir fry looks awesome!

    Thanks for the info about graham crackers...unfortunately I am very intolerant to gluten so everything I make is gluten free and I can't cheat :(

  6. haha- you're invited to dinner any time...but only if you share the lo mein ;) I think my boss and your boss must be teaming up! I was up working until 11 pm last night. blah. Hooray for upcoming vacation- can't get here fast enough

  7. wow, that is one fabulous dinner! and you are a machine, girl :) glad you have some vaca coming up... you deserve it!

  8. mmm that final product looks deeeelish! i wish i were eating some right now :)

  9. I love lo mein! I have never made it before, but it sounds easy. I am not a huge tofu fan, so I will probably use chicken or seafood.

  10. looks tasty! :) i love how tofu dishes make great leftovers!