December 4, 2009

Shout Out To Janetha - Flashback Friday

So, there is this super cool blogger out there named Janetha (coolest name ever) who blogs over at Meals and Moves and I think she is way awesome. Every Friday, Janetha does a little Flashback Friday and I feel like joining in the fun today. So, without further adieu, here is my own little flashback to a great trip I took a few years ago.

In 2004, H and I were invited along on a great trip that took us to France, Italy and England. One of the best stops along the way was on the island of Sardinia which is just off the coast of Italy. Sardinia is absolutely gorgeous and we had a blast exploring the island on long hikes and runs. We also spent a ton of time lounging by the pool, laying on the beach and shopping in small villages with amazing shops. This was a trip of a lifetime and I have such wonderful memories from this vacation. I would love to go back to Sardinia one day but until then, I will just look at the pictures and daydream about future vacations.

It is my belief that vacations are what make going to work worth it! Have an awesome day guys!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.
    Anthony Bourdain did a show on Sardinia recently and it made we want to pack up and move there!

  2. oh man- gorgeous! I SO agree! We're going away in March and I CANNOT wait

  3. I have not been to Sardinia, but I loved the Amalfi Coast. Gorgeous pics.

  4. Oh Lord - gorgeous - I want that now!! Haha - great idea to flashback...I wouldn't have anything as exciting as that though! Haha. Take care girl :)

  5. finally caught up on your FBF post~a week later! haha. sorry, i havent had a lot of time to read blogs. thanks for the sweet words, i actually HATE my name! the photos are AMAZINGLY EPIC and they make me want to go on a trip!!!! hope you have a great weekend stacy!!!! xoxo