December 10, 2009

So So Sleepy

I don't know what my deal is today but I am absolutely exhausted. I am not really sure how I am going to make it through today because it is taking every ounce of energy just to keep my eyes open. What is the deal? Anyway, I am going to make this post super quick because I have a feeling that I am not going to make a whole lot of sense.

I do want to tell you guys about my workout this morning. I chose today to reintroduce tempo running into my workout schedule and it was a tough return. I did a 60 minute tempo run and finished a nice solid 8.50 miles. My pace was a little bit slower than I was hoping but overall I was happy with my run. I felt like I could have run longer but I am planning on going to a 5 mile Christmas light run this evening and I want my legs to have a little bit of energy left in them.

I absolutely SUCK at running in the evening but I love to go to the Christmas light run. For some reason, my body refuses to run at night and I know that I am going to struggle through all 5 miles. Oh well, at least there will be some pretty Christmas lights to look at and hot cocoa at the finish. Anyway, back to my morning workout...after my run, I did a 45 minute upper body workout that focused mostly on my chest and lats and finishes up with some TOUGH core work. Whew! My abs were begging for mercy by the time I finished. It was a great morning!

Other than that, there isn't really anything super exciting going on around here...well, at least not anything worth talking about. I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day filled with energy and excitement. Send some of that energy my way if you have a bit to spare!


  1. have a blast.Wish i was w/ you.You are the most amazing person i have ever known i am lucky to have you for a wife.I love you.

  2. I have nothing exciting or fun to contribute except to say HI!!!

    adventures in tri-ing

  3. I love that Christmas light picture - beautiful. Have fun, Amy

  4. dang, maybe you should've slept in ;) i have a wicked long day in lab, so i am missing any sort of workout and tired to boot. hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  5. I had fun with you on the christmas light run! Even if we couldn't see and had to make a billion stops :)

  6. I hate running in the evening too! I usually feel really tired + slow :(