May 18, 2010

Happiness Is A Choice

So, I don't know about you guys but I am absolutely exhausted of talking about sad stuff. Despite everything that has happened in the past few months, I am really excited about my life and what the future holds. I have always been excited by life and adventures and new opportunities. I can honestly say that I am happy and every day it gets a little bit easier to smile. I am choosing to live joyfully because for real I am blessed!

May has been a busy month for me but it has been fun too. I have been working SO many hours but I have also been running a lot, hanging out with friends, spending time with my family and enjoying the warm weather. I am really excited about summer and warm weather and race season and really just life in general.

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my Mom and Stepdad in Orlando along with my sister and brother. It was a small family reunion of sorts and we had a great time together. I hadn't seen my brother in years and it had been at least three years since I made the trip to visit my Mom. We were able to spend Mother's Day weekend together along with celebrating my Stepdad's birthday and my Mom's recent graduation. It was a jam packed weekend but spending time with people I love was awesome.

On the running front, I am training for the XDuro 21K which is an awesome trail running event here in Richmond. I ran this race for the first time last year and I loved every single torturous second of it. The race is roughly a month away and I am working on logging fast miles and trying to focus on running trails. This is the only race that I have planned right now but I am starting to think about a fall marathon or some other adventure. I don't have any triathlons scheduled right now because to be honest, they are super expensive and with my work schedule I can't put in the necessary training time. I don't want to race simply for the sake of racing, I want to excel and if I can't train properly then I would rather not race. That may seem weird to some people but I really expect a lot of myself and would hate to do something half hearted. I am really thinking about signing up for another Ironman though so who knows...2011 could be a return to insane training. Why do I do this to myself?

This past weekend, I went strawberry picking with my family and we had a blast. It was such a beautiful weekend and the strawberries were delicious. I am already wishing that I would have picked more. I have three huge bags of frozen strawberries in my freezer and I have been making the most amazing protein shakes with them. Mmm! I wish I had one right now!

Alright...this is getting a little bit long but I will be back soon. Have an awesome day guys and remember to choose happiness! It is not always the easy choice but it is so worth it!


  1. i admire your ability to stay positive and still find such joy in life. you are definitely a role model, stacy!

  2. You look great! Glad you are keeping a positive attitude about things! Also glad you are still running (would we expect any less!) I am planning an Ironman in 2011, I am thinking Florida but who knows!

  3. het luv i think i am going to do beach 2 battleship ironman at the end of the year money is tight but a little charidy fund raiser always seems to will be fun to do a race in the future with you i am 174 beefed up a bit but still got the 8 pack and still wear size 29 30 waist my big thing is all those desighner jeans its not about the scale remeber that.any how great job in class yesterday stace.i wish you luck at xduro gonna focus my training on possible im gotta prove and beat myself for one more time.stace and i are still BFF' ur blog psort

  4. You and your brother look like twins!

    I'm so glad you're doing well.

  5. Happiness is a choice and it's great to see you blogging about the positive aspects of your life, one step at a time.


  6. wow, this is really inspiring... i mean you are. i think i haven't chosen happiness lately, and need to remember that it's a choice and can take work. thanks for sharing, and making me think about my own choices!