May 29, 2010

Saturday Morning Fun

Good morning! I am not even going to apologize for being MIA because seriously, life is just crazy and I can't help it sometimes. Plus, a lot of crazy not so cool stuff has been happening lately and that is no fun to blog about. However, I went on a fun adventure this morning with Mel and Billy that is definitely blog worthy.

I woke up bright and early this morning and threw on my brand new running shoes to join Mel and Billy for a run. I just got a pair of Asics Nimbus 12 and I love them SO much. I think they make me faster but shh...don't tell anyone! I can't have everyone knowing my secret to running faster! Let's keep this between you and me okay!?!

We met up at Forest Hill Park and set out on a beautiful 8 mile run across the Nickel Bridge and through Carytown. It was an absolutely perfect morning for a run. There was not a cloud in the sky, the birds were singing, the air smelled of fresh honeysuckle and we had a blast! The miles seemed to fly by and before I knew it we were back at the car.

We spent a few minutes taking a ridiculous number of pictures and once our inner divas were satisfied with the photo shoot, we walked over to the South of the James Farmers Market.

Our entire run this morning had been planned around hitting up the farmers market this morning. I have been planning a visit for weeks now and my schedule was finally free to go. Now, I must admit that my absolute favorite thing about this particular farmers market has nothing to do with vegetables and everything to do with coffee! There is a local roaster here in Richmond called Blanchards and they just happen to have the BEST iced coffee in the whole entire world. It is seriously like sweet nectar from the gods! I love it!

My very first stop was to the Blanchards booth where I purchased the biggest iced coffee they had! It was glorious!

Once I was properly caffeinated, I spent some time wandering around with Mel and Billy. There were so many fresh vegetables along with local honey, fresh baked breads, eggs, flowers and so much more. I found some great deals on a few things and even found a new to me vegetable to try called Kohlrabi. I was able to sample a bit of the kohlrabi at the market and it tasted like a sweet was quite tasty!

I also picked up a couple of cucumbers, squash, zucchini, spinach, mustard greens, arugula, cherries and some local whipped cinnamon infused honey. I am going to be eating well for the next few days! Mmm!

The rest of my day is going to be spent at work but with a morning like this I almost don't mind. Almost! Have a wonderful Saturday guys!


  1. Good job on your run guys!! I love your new running shoes Stacy! Maybe we can all go for a run sometime? JON

  2. That looks like a great morning. I can't wait to live back in the states and have farmer's markets to go to. :)

  3. ooh, i didn't like the 11's, how are the 12s?? new shoes always make me feel faster, too :) although i did just switch to newtons and i love them! sounds like a fabulous run, and i'm jealous you can find all that at your markets already... we're a bit behind up here! never tried kohlrabi, although i've been meaning to, let me know what you do with it! enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

  4. Boo to crazy not cool stuff but yey for new shoes, farmers markets and iced coffee!

  5. You're a girl after my own heart. I schedule my errands to coincide with various coffee shops. I'll drive a half hour out of my way to get my fave cup of crack!