May 20, 2010

Thursday Track Work

Well look who is checking in with a workout post! I had an awesome workout this morning and I am going to be feeling it a good way!

When my alarm went off this morning, I let out a HUGE groan and tried to figure out a way to get out of my workout. I have been working out really hard this week and my legs were super sore and achy. (Thanks for all of the split squats H...I blame you!) Anyway, I got my sorry butt out of bed and made my way to the gym. I was on auto pilot as I turned on my Ipod and started jogging along on the treadmill. I did a quick three mile jog to wake up and it completely did the trick. As soon as I was awake I made my way to the weight room to work on my lats and triceps. I pushed myself hard with weights and finished up with a set of 30 pull ups. My poor little arms were shaking and so sore when I finished.

Then it was time for the main cardio segment of my workout. At 5:20ish I met Mel and Billy and we made our way to a local track for some speedwork. It was such a perfect morning for some speed work and we had a blast. We managed to get in 4 x 800 and 4 x 400 as well as a warm up, cool down and recovery jogs in about 45 minutes. When it was all said and done, we finished with 6 fast miles and even had time for a photo shoot and some stretching.

I had an absolute blast out at the track this morning and I really pushed myself hard...much harder than I normally do on the treadmill...and it felt great! I am hoping we can make this a regular occurrence because it was a great way to start the day.

p.s. Don't tell anyone because this is a little bit embarrassing but as I was running intervals this morning, I was singing the new Jamie Foxx and Justin Timberlake Winner song in my head. The song totally works as a running mantra...I'm just saying!


  1. Love this are obviously doing something you love! And that is a good thing right now. Rock on!
    adventures in tri-ing

  2. bootcamp should be intresting..see u there sport

  3. dang, what an awesome workout :) and it's great to see you smiling and lovin it!