June 23, 2010

Cause I Kill Time...

Well hey there! Somehow we have made it to Hump Day! I just wanted to pop in and say hi really quick because I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging. My plan is to post something every day, even if it is stupid and boring, until blogging becomes a habit again! So yep...here it is...the first boring and stupid contribution!

I suppose I could tell you guys about my recent workout schedule. I have been working out a lot lately for no other reason than it makes me happy. I find exercise to be the greatest stress reliever and the routine of a workout schedule always brings stability to my life. I am not technically training for anything right now but my body is ready just in case I decide to run a marathon or something over the summer. I would like to find a race for the fall and I have been considering the OBX Marathon the Baltimore Marathon, the Patriot's Half Ironman or perhaps volunteering my time to help the Richmond Marathon training team. I am still undecided but I will keep you guys posted. So anyway, back to my current workout schedule. This is what a typical week looks like for me right now.

Sunday - Long Run Day - This run varies in length from 12-20 miles depending on the day, who I am running with and what I am training for. I also usually do 30-60 minutes of yoga as a cool down.

Monday - In the morning I usually do 90 minutes of cross training followed by 45 minutes of weights and core work plus a little bit of stretching. After work, I have been going to a great 60 minute Boot Camp class that focuses on plyometric type drills and lots of cardio.

Tuesday - My morning workout is usually a tough session of speed work that varies in length from 10-12 miles of intervals. Right after the speed work session I attend a 60 minute Boot Camp class that is a good mix of weights and cardio with an emphasis on team/partner drills. After work, I attend another 60 minute Boot Camp class that is very similar to my Monday night class.

Wednesday - This is my easy/recovery day at the gym. In the morning I will do an easy 60-90 minute run and then I focus on my core for a solid 30 minutes. I usually spend quite a bit of time stretching as well. After work, I alternate between walking and yoga depending on my mood and the weather. I don't do anything strenuous but just allow my body to heal and recover.

Thursday - I usually have a tough run planned on Thursday morning because it is the only day when I don't have time to squeeze in a second workout. Lately I have been alternating between tempo running, track work and hills. The variety keeps things interesting and my legs never know what is coming. I also do 45 minutes of weights and lots of stretching before calling it a day.

Friday - My morning workout is 60 minutes of cross training, 30 minutes of leg specific weight training, 15 minutes of plyometric drills and 15 minutes of core work. In the evening, I usually go for a quick 30 minute swim and follow that with a 75 minute Power Yoga class.

Saturday - This is a nice easy recovery day that includes a 60-90 minute run and 30 minutes of yoga. I try to not do anything too strenuous so that my legs will be ready for their long run on Sunday.

So there you have it guys. This is how I have been getting my endorphin rush lately. I am so thankful to have a body that is capable of all of these activities and I am doing the best I can to take care of it and get all of the rest and nutrients that I need to keep going. That is definitely easier said than done but at least I do try to make an effort.

Alright...I think I have killed enough time...be back again soon!


  1. Hey! Happy Humpday to you too!
    Your workout schedule is crazy! I don't know how you do it all. You are my idol and I'm not joking. I wish I could run like you do. I can only run 5 miles and it scares me! I get serious anxiety about runs. I worry if I can do it, if I'll be in pain, etc...How can I get over this? Help!

  2. Hey Melissa! You totally have me blushing over here! Thanks for the compliment! You are too kind!

    In regard to anxiety over running, the only advice I can give you is to stop thinking about it so much! To me running is an escape and time that is set aside for me to have fun. It is not about my time or pace or distance or anything else. There are times when the miles suck and I quit the run and walk home...and you know what? That is okay! There are also times when the miles fly by and I feel like I can conquer the world. Take each run as an opportunity to to discover new things about yourself and to enjoy life.

    Also, running may not be your thing...and that is okay too! Find something you love to do and puts a smile on your face! Running does that for me but it isn't for everyone. Wish you lived closer so we could go for a run together. I guarantee you would learn to love it! : )

  3. Hello!
    First of all, you are beautiful- inside and out! Your strength is admirable! Second of all- your workout schedule is INSANE! Especially Tuesday? Where do you find the energy? Seriously? I hope that you are recovering properly and getting enough rest so that you do not 'over do' it and hurt yourself! That picture of you is gorgeous! Glad you are loving and living life to its' fullest!!!