June 28, 2010

Love, Love, Love Weekends!

What a busy weekend! Between work and running and errands and chores and church and social stuff the weekend was gone before I realized what was happening. I need another weekend ASAP!

Sunday was an awesome day and one that I could repeat over and over again. I started the day off bright and early (4:45) when Mel and I met up for a long run. We did a TOUGH hill filled 12 miles in the hot muggy weather and then carried our sweaty selves back home for cold showers and delicious cherry and blueberry protein shakes. Once we had refueled and cleaned up, we jumped in the car and made our way to Charlottesville, Virginia. We had plans to pick peaches at our favorite little orchard but first we had shopping, coffee shops and lunch on our minds. We spent the day wandering around downtown Charlottesville, spending quality sister time together, passing time in cute coffee shops and eating lots of great food. After a few hours of exploring we made our way up to Carter's Mountain Orchard with peaches on our mind. However, we were extremely disappointed to find that there were no peaches on the trees. We spent hours wandering around the mountain looking for peaches but it was just too early in the season. We did manage to find a couple of ripe summer apples but overall, our trip to the orchard was a huge fail. I was so disappointed because I had been thinking about fresh peaches for a couple of weeks now and sadly we had to make the long drive home empty handed. The day was definitely not a complete loss though because I had an amazing time hanging out with Mel. Between all of the great girl talk, laughs, adventures and good food...this day could be considered nothing but awesome!

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  1. What a fantastic day! Thanks for all the fun :)