June 29, 2010

Perhaps You Noticed...

...or maybe it hasn't even crossed your mind but there has definitely been a lack of food on this blog recently. I know that seems a little unusual for a blog that is supposed to be geared towards food and fitness and a healthy lifestyle but I am just completely uninspired by food lately. For weeks after everything happened with H, I simply didn't have an appetite and the thought of food made me want to throw up. I lost a few pounds during that time and it was not really weight that needed to be lost. Over the past couple of months, I have really been trying to work on getting my nutrition back to where it should be but it has been a lot more difficult than I ever imagined. I am still eating enough to make it through my workouts and I don't ever deprive myself of food but I am definitely not an example of healthy eating right now. I realize that and have made a conscious decision to not post my daily eats until I feel like I have a better handle on this area of my life. So...while I have had some amazing food recently (i.e. marshmallow frozen yogurt, sweet blueberries, a fresh summer apple right off of the tree, grilled summer squash, etc...) it just hasn't been making an appearance here on the blog...and may be MIA for a while longer. Maybe you guys can inspire me with some new summer recipes or suggestions for delicious meals. Leave me a comment letting me know what you have been munching on that makes you smile. I would love a little bit of inspiration!


  1. Girl,just get your grub on!! You definitely need the calories<3 Be good to yourself and the rest will fall into place.

  2. Completely understandable. I've been loving anything with a sweet potato on the side.

    Also, a really easy wrap to make that's delicious is a Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow, spinach, cucumber, and tons of strawberries. Sounds weird, but once it's all wrapped up, it's a fiest of flavors.