July 9, 2010

Believe It Or Not

Despite what this blog may lead you to believe, I have been working out this week. I actually was able to fit in a couple of really good sweat sessions and a couple of great runs. So here is a quick rundown...

Monday: I had this day off from work which was awesome. I totally took advantage of the opportunity and slept in. It was awesome! Once I was awake, I did 45 minutes of sprint intervals on the elliptical, 45 minutes of upper body weights, 20 minutes of core work and then went for a long, leisurely walk through my neighborhood. It was a nice chill sort of workout and I loved every second of it! This workout was followed by an afternoon spent at the pool with a great book...I love summer time!

Tuesday: I was up bright and early on Tuesday morning for a tempo run. I did a 10 mile tempo run that took me roughly 75 minutes. It was tough but fun in a twisted sort of way. After my tempo run, I went to a 60 minute boot camp class with Mel that focused on a LOT of cardio along with some weight training and core work. On Tuesday night I went to another 60 minute boot camp class that focused on circuit training. Basically, you do one move for two minutes and then switch it up...sounds easy but is FAR from it! It was a great workout and I was exhausted when it was all said and done.

Wednesday: This was another early morning for me and it started with a 30 minute easy run. I was planning on running longer but my hamstring was feeling really tight so I moved to the stepmill and busted out 60 minutes on that bad boy! I finished up my workout with 30 minutes of core work and 15 minutes of stretching.

Thursday: I warmed up on the treadmill with a 30 minute run and then did a quick 45 minute upper body workout. I also tested out my pull up skills again and I am happy to announce that I can complete 12 unassisted pull ups now! Woo hoo! After my weight workout, I left the gym and met Mel at the track for some speed work. We had an awesome run and it was a blast being out at the track with her. We did about 7 miles of intervals that varied in length from 200 meters to 800 meters. It was hot, it was humid and there were mud puddles all over the track but we totally dominated the intervals like the rock stars we are!

Friday: Back at the gym where I did 75 minutes of cross training on various equipment. I kept switching it up based on how my hamstring was feeling. That little sucker is determined to make my life miserable lately! After my cardio session, I did a pretty beast leg and plyometric workout and followed that up with 20 minutes of core work.

So there you have it in a nutshell. What did your workouts look like this week? I would love to hear how you got your endorphin fix.

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