July 2, 2010

Coffee Lightweight

So apparently I have become a coffee lightweight! This morning I had just 16 oz. of America's favorite hot beverage...or as I like to call it "the sweet nectar of the gods"...and now I have a caffeine headache that will not go away! I used to be able to throw down mug after mug of coffee with absolutely no side effects. I wonder what has changed? When did I become a lightweight? And why won't this headache go away? Maybe it is time to switch to decaf? Anyone have any thoughts on my caffeine conundrum?


  1. Sorry, not a coffee drinker. I'm giving up my coke zero addiction and that gives me headaches, but I'm pretty sure that's an anti-caffeine headache. :)

  2. Your headache is from lack of caffeine or lack of sugar if you load your coffee with it. In my constant battle with weight I avoid sugar, so when I succumb to temptation and load up with sugar the next few days my head aches fiercely.
    You know I have always admired your spunk and glad you are back to blogging.I have no idea how Mel keeps up with you.