July 7, 2010


I have a lot of decisions to make...and by a lot, I mean more than I can handle. Blogging is not high on my list of priorities right now. I wish it was. I wish that I was excited about life and running and eating healthy and triathlons and everything else that used to make me smile. The truth is that none of that seems very important to me right now. I am having a really hard time getting inspired to write about things that seem so trivial right now. Maybe I am just stuck in a rut or maybe all of the stress of the past few months is finally catching up to me. I wish I knew. Really...I wish...


  1. Completely understandable given all you are going through. I hope that soon you find the peace and happiness that you deserve.

  2. As Krista mention in the above comment, your feelings are completely understandable! I think your goal of blogging everyday was too high! You have SO much going on! You need some 'you' time. I wanted to suggest that you take the emphasis off of food/exercise and maybe use this as a cathartic journal instead? A place to vent your frustrations, your stresses etc? Kind of like therapy?
    You might feel less alone, over-whelmed and get support. It sometimes helps to just WRITE or get it off of your chest! Write about things that aren't trivial to you right now. And you don't have to write about things that make you 'smile'. Write about what makes you scream, cry, yell etc. Just don't bottle it up!
    I think you are AMAZING (for what it's worth!)