July 1, 2010

True Story...

So this morning at the gym, I did a little bit of running to loosen up my legs and then wandered over to the weight room for a quick upper body workout. I had plans to do a hill workout with Mel at 5:30 (which I did and it was awesome) but I wanted to get in a few good solid minutes of weights before we met. As I was wandering over to start my first rotation, I noticed that the weight room was surprisingly empty. Normally it is filled with tons of guys and quite a few personal trainers with their clients. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the pull up bars were free and then a random question popped into my mind. For months now, I have been doing assisted pull ups with the machine and I have slowly been getting stronger and stronger. I was curious, in that moment, whether I was capable of completing one full unassisted pull up and decided that now was the time to find out. I mean, an empty weight room doesn't happen every day and this way there would be no one to embarrass myself in front of if I wasn't actually capable of doing the pull up. As I positioned myself beneath the bars, I gave myself a little pep talk and reached up to see what my pull up fate would be. Surprisingly, I felt my body slowly rise above the bar and it felt so simple that I decided to try it again. Well, to make a long story short, I busted out 11 full unassisted pull ups before my hands got sore!! 11 pull ups! I didn't even know I could do 1 pull up! For real, I was absolutely devastated when I realized that there was no one in the weight room to witness my complete awesomeness! I feel absolutely strong and amazing! I cannot wait to see how much I can improve on this...the goal is 20 and then we may just have to see what I can do with one arm! Kidding...sort of!

p.s. This is what I looked like while doing the pull ups...in my mind anyway...and Jillian was bowing down in awe at my amazing strength and perfect muscle tone...while all of the big bodybuilder guys hung their head in shame at being shown up by a skinny little runner! Hey...it's my blog...


  1. Awesome!! Maybe gloves so your hands don' wear out before your muscles!! :)

  2. Congratulations! That is so impressive! You should be so proud! That really is something to brag about! I am sure you will be banging out 100 in no time!!!!

  3. that is AWESOME :) i should give it a try one of these days, i think i don't give myself enough credit...