September 8, 2010

Hugs Are On The Way

Do you see that big smile on my face? Are you curious why it is there? Well, apart from the fact that this picture was taken at Starbucks where I am about to get my daily caffeine fix, I am smiling for another wonderful reason. Today my brother is flying into town and I absolutely cannot wait to get a hug from him. I have been counting down the days and now that the day has finally arrived, I am starting to count the hours, minutes and even seconds. I have even started to track his flight into Richmond despite the fact that it doesn't take off for another few hours...not much has changed in the status by the way! So excited! It will be so nice to have my big brother here for me when I am feeling less than strong. Just a few more hours to go...


  1. have a fabulous time with your brother!! :)

  2. I love it when family gets along (siblings). I always wanted an older brother to watch out for me and have my back! Have a great time together!