April 19, 2011

April Recipe Challenge - Eggs

(photo courtesy of incredibleegg.org)
So, we realize that April is more than half way over but there is still time to squeeze in a recipe challenge. Before midnight on April 30th, each of us will be posting a unique and new recipe that highlights the all important and incredibly edible egg. (Remember the Incredible Edible Egg commercials? For real, that  was marketing at its best...I'm just saying!) Why eggs you may ask? Well, it just seems appropriate for the month of April. With Easter and all of the little egg shaped things everywhere, eggs seem like a good seasonal pick. We would love to have our readers join in. If you have a great egg recipe that you would like to share, please let us know! It would be egg-scellent! Entrees, appetizers, desserts, side dishes, breads and anything else you can think of is all fair game. The only "rule" to this recipe challenge is that your recipe must contain at least 4 eggs (or a comparable amount of any egg substitute if you are making a vegan recipe). Oh man, this is going to be fun!!!


  1. Love Eggs!!! Mikey and I go through 2 dozen eggs in a week sometimes. AND, make sure to eat the yolks! http://how-to-box.com/content/eat-your-egg-yolks-its-egg-whites-can-kill-you

  2. Loving the blog, ladies.
    My favourite egg recipe is Spanish Tortilla. It's very simple. You thinly slice and then gently fry 5-6 small waxy potatoes until they are soft and crisp but not too brown. Meanwhile whisk 6 eggs with salt and pepper. Add the potato slices into the egg mixture along with anything else you fancy (I usually do onion, spinach and maybe a bit of ham or bacon). Then pour back into the pan and gently cook for 8 minutes or so until the bottom is golden and firm. Then either stick it under the grill to finish off the top (I think you'd call it the "broiler" in America... I've been in England so long I've forgotten the American terminology!!!!) Or if feeling more adventurous, you can flip it out onto a plate, then another plate, then back into the pan - so you end up wet side down. And heat it for another 5 minutes or so until fully cooked. Slice it up like a cake and eat. Scrummy! It makes great picnic food.

  3. Lauren - That sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe...and yes, we Americans call it a brolier! : )

  4. Check this out! Egg for dinner recipes!

  5. Using hummas to replace mayo in any recipe including potato salad and deviled eggs...even tuna salad, is amazing and much healthier.
    JSV- PB