April 19, 2011

Caffeine (Amy)

Caffeine...I NEED some caffeine! Trying to keep up with my crazy schedule and enjoy Spring Break with my girls is completely wearing me OUT! Decaf coffee is just not cutting it because I know that a key element is missing! I can't wait to have caffeine back! I miss that added burst of energy that helps get me through the day! I worked very late last night (home at 9pm and still had to get kids feed, showered, etc...) then I was up again before the sun to go teach spin. A nice strong cup of coffee would be amazing right now! I still have a few days to go with my challenge so I guess I will just keep guzzling lemon water (which seems to help wake me up a little bit)and dreaming about my good friend caffeine!


  1. Try sticking your head out the window while driving down the road. It worked during my road trip this weekend. Invigorating :)

  2. Better you than me. Aaagh, drinking a delicious cup of Joe as I type...yes, at the same time!