April 14, 2011

A Family of Strays (Featuring Ada)

The second addition to the Matheny Family of Strays is Ada. Let me start by saying that, Ada is the reason why I no longer allow myself to go to local animal shelters, because I know I will end up bringing another animal home. However, back before I made this rule, my husband and I were cruising around and wasting time on a Saturday afternoon when we decided to stop in at a local animal shelter. As soon as we saw Ada, our hearts melted. She looked emaciated and had just given birth to a litter of puppies. We found out that all of her puppies had been adopted but they were unable to find a home for Ada. This particular animal shelter only kept animals for so long and as a result she was scheduled to be euthanized that week. The wheels in our head began to spin and it wasn’t long before we were filling out adoption papers. Our thought process was, "if we already have one dog, two can’t be that bad right"? Lucky for us, Ada has been a very obedient and easy going dog. She certainly has her quirks though and is adamant to guard her possessions, especially from Seysh!

Ada has an awful nail biting habit and I am extremely embarrassed to admit it but she is racist. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but she is. Don't ask! We have tried to fix it, but to no avail. However, despite these flaws, Ada is everything you could possibly want in a dog. She is loyal, eager to please, and follows so closely to your side that she steps on your feet at least once a day. Ada is also full of amazing spunk and energy levels that would surpass that of dogs half her age. She is the perfect marathon training partner because she has a steady pace and unending endurance. When Ada and I run together, I am reminded to savor the joy of running. Ada has brightened my life in so many ways!


  1. precious! although i've never heard of a dog with a nail biting problem ;)

  2. Be very glad you have never heard this noise before. It is loud and makes my skin crawl!