April 13, 2011

Family of Strays (Featuring Seysh)

(Over the next few blog posts, I want to introduce my family of strays, my pets Seysh, Ada, and Lola. Each one has a unique story of how they became a part of the Matheny family.)

Today I am going to talk about the first dog that joined our crew, Seysh. The first time I saw Seysh, he was chained up outside of my neighbor’s house. He was a beautiful white fluffy puppy. As the days went by, he eventually was let off his chain but I noticed that he was getting thinner and eating out of the trash. Seysh began to venture over to my house and I would feed him whatever I had on hand. He soon became a common presence in my yard. After some time, I approached my neighbor and bluntly asked her if I could have her dog. She had no problem with this arrangement, because she was under investigation with animal control for lack of care to her other pets. After numerous flea baths and a visit to the vet for much needed vaccines, Seysh was soon healthy, happy and rambunctious. He has many quirks that make him one of a kind. He has severe separation anxiety and has destroyed countless objects including an entire couch, a crate, a door and even  the walls! However, beneath all of his quirks he is a big teddy bear full of love. He and I were brought together at a time when I was just venturing out into adult hood and we have "grown up" together. He has been an enthusiastic running partner for the past five years. When I lace up my running shoes and grab his leash his tail starts wagging and he jumps around the room with excitement. Recently he has  become my walking partner instead, after beginning to show signs of hip dysplasia. It has been hard to see him enter a new stage in his life but somehow he still manages to act like a puppy; chewing up my things and testing my patience. Despite all the of the craziness that he has brought to my life, I can’t imagine what I would be like without him!


  1. Love him! My pup (see him here http://thefitwriter.wordpress.com/office-dog/) is my running partner too but he's only two...our old dog (RIP) started to slow down and I had to run/walk with him in the end. What breed is Seysh, do you know?

    Nic (and Frankie!)

  2. Oh my goodness Frankie is so cute. Thanks for sharing your post! My best guess for Seysh's breed is a white shepherd husky mix. He still gets around very well but his running is more of a bunny hop so the Vet took away his running privileges :( I look forward to reading more about you and Frankie!

  3. Aw! How old is he? Frankie is going to write a blog post soon about his training ;) He likes intervals and ball sports ;D

  4. such a cutie!! i can't wait to get a running buddy...