April 11, 2011

Introducing Melissa Matheny (a.k.a Mel)

100 Things About Mel

1. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart

2. Runner

3. Working towards running a marathon in every state in the United States (And Washington D.C.)

4. My first tattoo was three stars, one for me and one for each of my sisters

5. I have a tattoo of the state flower for each state where I have run a marathon

6. Sister to two beautiful and talented women (Stacy and Amy ) and an awesome brother.

7. Youngest in my family

8. Vegetarian

9. Proud owner of three strays, two husky/lab mix dogs and a cat (Seysh, Ada, and Lola)

10. College student at VCU

11. Future teacher

12. Love working with children

13. Believe in equality

14. Attention seeker

15. Not fazed by blood, guts, or gore

16. Love to read

17. Favorite author Phillip K. Dick

18. Love to try new things

19. Extremely scared of snakes

20. Hate carbonated drinks

21. Genuine

22. I was born at home

23. I am employed at a hospital, but have never been a patient at one.

24. Not very tech savvy

25. I cried at the end of my first marathon

26. I hugged the nearest stranger and the end of my second marathon

27. I have learned to be a little less emotional at the end of a marathon

28. Love meeting new people

29. Hate being on the phone

30. I feel like your handshake reveals your character

31. I do my best thinking on a run

32. Support animal rights

33. Adore my family

34. Extremely patient

35. Had a pet cow named Dolly

36. I love learning

37. Believe that there is nothing a good sweat can’t fix

38. Exceedingly patient

39. Favorite movie is the Jerk

40. Despise clutter

41. Believe that dark chocolate is the only kind of chocolate we need in this world

42. I have witnessed the miracle of birth…and cried

43. Running has made me nonchalant about toenails falling off

44. My hair has been every color of the rainbow

45. Thrive on change

46. I have brown eyes

47. Love the feeling of laughing until your stomach hurts

48. Favorite season is fall

49. My house has completely burned down….twice!

50. My hair has been going grey since I was 21

51. I hate ketchup

52. I have adored the Wizard of Oz since I was four

53. I have a knack for picking the loser

54. The spicier the food or drink, the better!

55. Enjoy singing at the top of my lungs in my car

56. Enjoy seeing someone else singing at the top of their lungs in their car

57. It is extremely difficult to make me truly angry, and extremely difficult for me to forget

58. I am a rockabilly, punk rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and rock and roll fan

59. I do not like to shop

60. I love a good challenge

61. I have seen every Shirley Temple movie that has ever been made

62. I could still sing most of the songs in every Shirley Temple movie ever made

63. I despise milk

64. I adore soy milk

65. Favorite color is green

66. I was late for my own wedding

67. I am not a list maker (And yes I do see the irony)

68. Guns creep me out

69. I can make a mean breakfast over a campfire

70. I once colored my hair so much that I removed all the pigment and was forced to shave it.

71. I am always amused by people watching

72. I can curl my tongue

73. I love to win

74. I hate to see people lose

75. My middle name is Jayme. I went by my middle name for a year and now there are some people out there who still call me Jayme.

76. Watching the news makes me sad

77. If I could I would take a nap everyday

78. My favorite time to nap is during a thunderstorm

79. I like not having a plan

80. I cannot sleep with socks on

81. I am drawn to people with big personalities

82. I have no religious affiliation, but love to hear about other peoples

83. I love the feeling of coming home and putting on pajamas

84. Stereotypes annoy me

85. In a perfect world I would travel nine months of the year

86. If I see someone else cry I immediately begin to cry too

87. I surprised myself and found that I love public speaking

88. I named my car (Herman)

89. I can only get a caffeine buzz from Starbucks coffee

90. I love to cook but I hate grocery shopping

91. I find dresses extremely comfortable

92. I like to eat French fries dipped in mustard

93. I feel my best with 12 or more hours of sleep

94. I have realized that 12 or more hours of sleep is impossible to achieve

95. I remember my dreams nearly every night

96. I am very sensitive

97. It takes a long time for me to trust people

98. I wear grey far too often

99. I am obsessed with ginger

100. I am amazed that I was able to finish this list!


  1. I liked 100 because halfway through I was thinking "I wonder if I could list 100 things about myself". I love the idea of the state flower for every marathon, but I promise I won't steal it! :)

  2. wow, i'm totally impressed :) nice to meet you mel!!

  3. Excellent intro!!!

    jsv in PB

  4. Thanks so much everyone! I was suprised I made it too :)