April 12, 2011

Music To Drive Your Workout! (Amy)

(My girls are already dancing on tables...really!?! I have a lot to be afraid of in the future!)

With the massive number of classes I teach every week,  I am always listening too and looking for new music. Finding the right music to drive your workout can sometimes be quite a challenge! Sometimes the only thing that pulls me through a really hard workout is the music! I love music and listen to it almost non stop!  I often get my groove on while cooking and find myself dancing way more than cooking...which leaves my family waiting for dinner! Oops!

So back to the music, I love a good remix and am always looking for mash-ups as well. I especially love the Jay Z and Linkin Park mash-ups but there are plenty of other ones that I am in love with including, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Adele, Pit Bull, J Lo, and many many more! A remixed version of a hit song can put some extra energy into the workout because you already know the song but the new beat and tempo help drive you. At the moment, I am in love with Adele and Duffy and both of these ladies have some great remixes! Jump Smoker, Fredde Le Grand, and Eric Prydz remixes never seem to fail and there are plenty of other hot remixes out there. Just Google the name of the song and remix...works every time!

Most importantly, I believe variety is the driving force to a great playlist. I love a huge variety of music and find that it keeps my workouts lively and a lot more fun! If all I listened to was top 40 hits for my entire workout I would get so very bored. I am proud that my playlist is eclectic! My little Ipod is rocking everything  from B.O.B. to Justin Bieber, to ACDC and topped off by Eminem...plus everything else in between. Now, would I listen to all that driving down the road? NOPE... in fact if Bieber comes on the radio, I change it as fast as my hand can move!! (YES -  I am a proud member of the No Beiber Fever Club!) Somehow though, when his tiny pre-pubescent voice pops up in a remix, it makes me laugh out loud right in the middle of my workout! I like the harder music to help push me to go harder and the music I can sing along with to distract me from thinking about how tired I am.

I am always finding new music and falling in love with a new favorite. I would love to hear your suggestions for great workout music and the next time I find something fabulous I will send it your way! Ok...back to my music search!!

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  1. Loved the post and so glad to see the team work!!!...jsv in PB