April 13, 2011

My Challenge - 30 Days Without Caffeine (Amy)


Yes, that was my first reaction as well and in fact there are still moments I want to do that! However I am determined to see this challenge through.

So you may be thinking, "why the (choice word) would you do that to yourself"?!!? Well let me explain...over the past winter, I literally caught every cold, flu, virus and illness that came around. It was a never ending cycle of sickness and it lasted for weeks on end. So, in order to build up my immune system, I decided to clean up my diet. While examining my current diet, I knew that my caffeine addiction would need to be addressed. I realized that I  currently required a large dose of caffeine every day or else I was tired, grumpy and had NO energy. My caffeine vehicle of choice was usually a Venti Dirty Chai (which, if you have never had one, I highly recommend! SOOOOO delicious!) followed by another cup or two of coffee. In addition, I would have other assorted forms of caffeine throughout the day. (my favorite being chocolate!)

As I thought about this whole caffeine challenge, I decided that my best choice would be to go cold turkey and just cut it out completely. I am one week into the challenge and have done surprisingly well. I have replaced my normal cup of coffee with decaf tea or decaf coffee and so far that seems to be working for me. I have been a little more tired and it takes me a little bit longer to wake up but I am surviving! I would have to say that the biggest thing I noticed was an increase in muscle fatigue. I have been much more sore than I typically am and I have to believe it is a result of the lack of caffeine. I am finding that most days, I have this caffeine challenge down with no problem...but there are definitely other days when I want to say screw it and find the largest cup of coffee (or dirty chai) imaginable!!

Well, I figure now that I have put it out there, I have all of you fabulous readers to hold me accountable! No going back now! Only 22 more days to conquer this goal...but who's counting!?!


  1. I am sure it doesn't help that Ava is a Starbucks feen. :)

  2. Yes I have created a little monster! No 4 year old should say on a daily basis, you know mom today would be a good day for a Starbucks! Or request to have a coffee date with her aunt at 11:30pm! HAHAHA

  3. good luck!! i bet some of those symptoms will be long gone by day 30 ;)

  4. I have given up many things in this life, and I'm sorry but coffee is not going to be one of them. My hats off to you girl :)